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Discover System 1.0 for Skin Care and learn more about the GreenEthic consumer

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Not too long ago nature-derived cosmetic products were viewed as niche. Today this approach to beauty has become mainstream. Consumers are more informed than ever before and making more educated decisions about what personal care products they purchase. As new product launches rapidly hit the shelves, it is not only the small indie brands that are making a commitment to a traceable and sustainable product offering, large well-known players are setting long-term strategic objectives toward a nature-derived and sustainable future.

The consumer’s need for safe, nature-derived, sustainable and simple formulations drove the inspiration behind the creation of the Cargill Beauty System 1.0 for Skin Care.

Cargill Beauty conducted proprietary consumer research in winter 2017/2018. The focus of the research was behavioral with a sample of 4,800 participants. The studies identified six consumer profiles following their preferences for GreenEthic cosmetic options. Cargill Beauty acquired good knowledge of what consumers are looking for when purchasing beauty products such as: clarity on labels and claims, ingredient transparency and traceability plus natural and useful ingredients. Using these consumer profiles, Cargill Beauty’s marketing and applications team developed six nature-derived beauty concepts, which make up the Cargill Beauty System 1.0 for Skin Care. The six product concepts were designed based on each profile in terms of texture, claims and positive impact for people and the planet.

When Cargill Beauty was developing System 1.0 for Skin Care it was important to stay in line with the learnings that came from the consumer research study. The biggest takeaway is that today consumers demand simple formulations with a short, understandable and traceable ingredient list. The System 1.0 for Skin Care provides Cargill Beauty customers inspiration when developing a range of formulas with a short and easy to understand ingredient list. The System 1.0 for Skin Care is safe, nature derived, sustainable, simple, versatile and affordable.

The core of System 1.0 for Skin Care, is comprised of three ingredients which allows for the cosmetic chemist to stretch the formulation. This approach to formulating drives the development of a range of skin care with different textures and product positioning while working from the same short ingredient list.

Cargill Beauty’s System 1.0 for Skin Care’s three key ingredients are; the universal texturizer Actigum VSX 20, the innovative lecithin Emultop Velvet IP and the high oleic rapeseed oil Agri-Pure AP-75 R, to offer manufacturers an array of options to meet consumer demand.

Actigum VSX 20 is a universal texturizer created by the bio-fermentation of sugar, a process that has low environmental impact, 100% nature-derived and readily biodegradable. Actigum VSX 20 is produced from biotechnology using a GMO and allergen-free process.

Emultop Velvet IP is an efficient enriched lecithin primary emulsifier, which enables emulsification in up to 20% oil. This new emulsifier is smooth to the touch and gentle to the skin, affordable and ideal for sustainable and nature-derived cosmetics products. Emultop Velvet IP is extracted from NGM soy and 100% nature derived, with a NGM guarantee thanks to Cargill’s fully-integrated Identity Preserve system certified by SGS. All six formulations in the System 1.0 for Skin Care range use Emultop Velvet IP as a primary emulsifier.

Agri-Pure AP-75 R is an extract from the seed of rapeseed. Since 2011, Cargill leads a sustainability program on rapeseed in Europe to improve sustainable farming, to make a better land use and to protect soil, water and biodiversity.

The star product of System 1.0 for Skin Care is Hydracomfort gel cream. This light gel cream texture leaves skin velvety and soft to the touch. Hydracomfort gel cream consists of the System 1.0 for Skin Care core with the addition of Phytospherix by Mirexus.  

Phytospherix is a native form of glycogen obtained through a patented, water based, physical process. Due to its native bioidentical structure, Phytospherix has the same effect to the skin as glycogen. This active ingredient is 100% nature derived from non-GMO corn and readily biodegradable. 

The development of Hydracomfort gel cream was inspired by one of the six GreenEthic profiles: Traceability. Hydracomfort gel cream complements profile’s day time routine. People can use this product knowing that the Cargill Beauty lecithin-based primary emulsifier is traceable, with an NGM guarantee.  


When analyzing the Traceability profile, Cargill Beauty identified four drivers for this consumer.

My GreenEthic profile​:

Traceability is a future GreenEthic consumer (very near future). She or he looks to purchase from brands that are responsible and  honest. They are defiant and  demanding, they need to be informed to control the quality and  sustainable profile of products.

My responsible drivers​:

Traceability looks for a clear explanation and  facts coming from the brand and products that she or he purchases. This consumer relies heavily on labels to be confident that the products used can be trusted. They are looking for 100% safe and  efficient cosmetic solutions.

My sustainability expression​:

Traceability views transparency as a sustainable act. It is very important for this consumer to trust that the brand they are purchasing from is fully traceable. The expectation from this consumer is that the brand communicates how their products are produced, the ingredients that are used in their products, plus the origin of the raw material. A short and understandable ingredient list is key when engaging this consumer.

My consumption behaviors​:

When making a purchase this consumer looks for products that are safe and suitable for sensitive skin. She or he wants to see results - efficacy is very important to this consumer.

Are you interested to learn more about the GreenEthic consumer and/or System 1.0 for Skin Care? Join Cargill Beauty and Camille Koch, Marketing Manager Personal Care EMEA on February 13 for more information on the six consumer profiles and System 1.0 for Skin Care concepts.

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