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hyadisine™, retains water to smooth the skin

Lipotec | Recorded the 05-May-2011 | Webinar

Taking advantage of company track record on advanced biotechnological processes, Dr. Albert Soley will present an integral overview of Biointec™, LIPOTEC’s...

Sustainability in Personal Care

Sustainability in Personal Care

Dow Personal Care | Recorded the 09-Feb-2011 | Webinar

This webinar, hosted by Courtney Fretz of Dow Personal Care, covers market dynamics in the personal care industry that are driving the sustainability trend,...

A new strategy to escape from expression lines

A new strategy to escape from expression lines

Lipotec | Recorded the 07-Oct-2010 | Webinar

Expression lines result from natural facial expressions like smiling, blinking or frowning. They start to appear in people’s early thirties. As a pioneer...

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