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Circular Beauty

What used to be simply ‘sustainable’ has now shifted to circular. This focus on circularity is forcing every stakeholder in beauty to collaborate, innovate and push the limits on better sourcing, greener chemistry, smarter packaging and savvy retail models. Manufacturers are being encouraged to think circular from the start, with cradle-to-cradle design the ultimate goal. 

In this editorial webinar, CosmeticsDesign will speak to those leading the charge and hear from design and formulation experts on hurdles and opportunities in the space, aiming to better understand how industry can make circular beauty a mainstream reality.


Adrien Koskas  Adrien Koskas Global Brand President
Garnier at L'Oréal

Tom Szaky  Tom Szaky Founder & CEO

Jo Chidley Jo Chidley Founder
Beauty Kitchen

Christina Raab  Christina Raab VP of strategy and development
Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute

Barbara Olioso Barbara Olioso, PhD, MRSC Managing Director
The Green Chemist Consultancy

Kacey CULLINEY Kacey Culliney Editor