Energy efficient multipacker cuts costs and packaging

By Rory Harrington

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Greater precision, versatility and energy efficiency are benefits claimed by manufacturers Standard Knapp for its new multi-packer for the food, beverage and personal care industries.

The US-based company said its continuous motion Tritium Multipacker uses single, double and triple lane configurations to arrange canned and personal care products in a compact patterns for wrapping in film. The process cuts packaging material consumption by eliminating the need for trays and pads.


Product can be wrapped more quickly, efficiently and precisely thanks to the system’s innovative Robo-wand section and servo-film cutting system. The robo-wand is programmable, works at varying speeds and provides wrapping that is tighter and more exact than earlier models, Standard Knapp marketing manager Mario Mazzotta told

“The system can deal with packages of any size,”​ he added: “It means there are shorter changeover times and no change over of parts.”

The multipacker has a lower carbon footprint than competing systems thanks to its energy efficient heat tunnel. After products are wrapped using the robo-wand they are sent through the tunnel which shrinks the film around each multi-pack – ensuring a consistent, wrinkle-free bull’s eye and bottom seal.

The company said it has achieved energy efficiencies in this area by replacing metal chains with plastic ones, which absorb less heat. This means the tunnel can be maintained at a lower temperature without affecting the performance of the shrink operation, said Mazzotta.


The Tritium has a modular in design which makes both maintenance and retro fit upgrades easier to carry out. It comes with transparent ‘gull wing’ doors that give a clear view of all moving belts and chains and facilitate “walk by”​ maintenance. The replacement of many metal chains with timing belts improves ease of maintenance and creates a quieter machine, said Standard Knapp.

The kit has more easily accessible film feeds which includes a pull-out film feed module. A response to customer demand, this feature means operators can now pull out the film feed quickly on rollers for convenient inspection.

The multi-packer employs printed or registered film which provides a larger area for product and marketing information.

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