Cosmetics 27: case study of a skin protection brand

By Lucy Whitehouse

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Cosmetics 27: case study of a skin protection brand
Cosmetics 27 is one brand offering a key example of skin care that responds to western consumer appetite for protection and health-enhancing products.

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We caught up with cosmetics brand leader Michele Evrard, founder of Cosmetics 27, on what makes successful skin care for a modern consumer base.

A French-based company, Cosmetics 27 is a brand which specialises in natural skincare products that “specifically target skin regeneration and health”.

It’s a brand which has microbiome-related products, as well as a strong anti-pollution and naturals focus. It also offers cosmeceuticals as a key part of its portfolio.

When did you launch, and can you give us an overview of Cosmetics 27?

In 2009, after more than three years of research, development and testing, I launched Baume 27.

Initially the product had a very personal purpose: develop the formula that I had imagined, a “one step” treatment that would take care of my sensitive, dry skin and maintain a good, healthy skin tone, density and quality, just for my own use and to achieve my own goal of a true “cosme-ceutical” product.  

I developed the Baume 27 just like a pharmaceutical preparation.  The Baume 27 was followed by two other products (Essence 27 & Cleanser 27)  and the story the brand, Cosmetics 27, started in 2010.

Today the line includes 11 SKU’s. I purposely want to keep it short, targeted, efficient & useful with each new product!

What’s the inspiration for the brand, and to what consumer demands does it respond?

I was inspired by the traditional apothecary philosophy, I am fascinated by the process of cellular regeneration (as a living process) and the extraordinary capacities of the organism to self-regenerate.

My time is in great part invested in studying new research on the skin and search for natural active ingredients, an area of innovation.

The place that I wanted to make in an ever competitive “anti-ageing” driven market: change “anti” to “pro”, move the obsession for re-becoming young to ageing well, better, healthier and therefore feel better, look naturally better!

My objective is to bring efficacy & results with a new regeneration of natural cosmeceuticals.

What are the major challenges you see facing the industry in Europe?

Dealing with innovation as the initial idea of innovation in this industry is fast evolving.

I have been in the beauty industry a long time and I am more positive about the future than ever!
The industry has drowned consumers in never ending better, plus, improved …claims, miracle products,…these will keep flowing for a while as some new markets are still emerging.

Yet, the true innovation, in my opinion will come from a new approach to skincare that will include new criteria, concepts, mindsets and  focus on health, longevity, better living, ethic much more than wrinkles!

The foundations of these new grounds is already here with the trends for probiotics, microbiome and genome as a way to skincare, environment protection, prevention as a treatment.

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