Beauty tools 2021 should work in combination with topicals, says design expert in CosmeticsDesign-Europe Beauty 4.0 Podcast

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Tools + topicals is where the ‘real innovation lies’ in beauty - designer

By Kacey Culliney

Combining beauty tools with topicals for enhanced efficacy and improved usability is a gap in the market with plenty of promise that brands haven’t quite found yet, says Jo Barnard, founder and creative director of Morrama.

Design expert Leslie Sherr is well known for her work as a writer, editor, and brand consultant.

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Cosmetics and Personal Care Packaging: outside inspiration

By Deanna Utroske

Packaging design that’s functional, compelling, and elegant seems intuitive but requires a special combination of powers: observation, creativity, technical knowledge, and an historical appreciation for the cosmetics industry.

Travis Cuellar, winner of ICMAD's Young Packaging Designer Award

ICMAD honors budding packaging designers

By Simon Pitman

The ICMAD Young Designer award winners have been announced at a recent ceremony held in Newport Beach California, highlighting the talents of the industry’s next generation of packaging designers.

How I Got To The Top: Marc Rosen, fragrance packaging designer

How I Got To The Top

How I Got To The Top: Marc Rosen, fragrance packaging designer

By Simon Pitman

Marc Rosen’s career trajectory has been remarkable. Not only has he made a name for himself as one of the world’s leading fragrance packaging designers, he has also managed to stay at the top for 35 years – a rare feat in this fast-changing arena.

QSLD revamps packaging for Lirikos skin care line

QSLD revamps packaging for Lirikos skin care line

By Simon Pitman

Paris-based packaging design and development team QSLD has lent its expertise to the Lirikos brand to help it redesign its packaging for the Marine Hydro line, with the aim of increasing shelf appeal.

New design for Rieke RS3 Dispenser

Rieke launches streamline pump design

By Simon Pitman

Packaging player Rieke Dispensing has launched a new design for its RS3 dispenser, aimed achieving a sleeker and more streamlined look for cosmetic products.

Cosmogen unveils Mini Squeeze’n Pentaball

Cosmogen unveils Mini Squeeze’n Pentaball

France-based cosmetics packaging supplier, Cosmogen has developed a five ball mini applicator, said to combine the actions of stimulation, application and massage for specific skincare.  


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