Cushion compact next generation: Porex launches packaging solution for liquid foundation

By Lucy Whitehouse

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Cushion compact next generation: Porex launches packaging solution for liquid foundation
An innovation that looks set to tap into the rising consumer demand for on-the-go formats that don’t compromise on product quality, one packaging player has developed an upgrade to the cushion compact format.

Cushion compacts originated in Korea, an innovative sponge and reservoir format that allow liquid foundations to be stored in compact-style packaging.

Now, Porex claims to have developed the next step in the popular format’s evolution. We sat down with Rusty Martin, global strategic marketing director, Porex, to find out more.

Can you give an overview of how the new cushion compact works, and what makes it different?

Cushion compacts offer a new way to apply liquid foundation to the skin in a no-mess, on-the-go format.

In standard foam cushion compacts, formula is pulled down by gravity, which means you end up wasting up to 50 percent of the formula.

Porex has developed a gradient density technology that pulls formula from the bottom to the top of the compact through capillary action.

This offers more consistent formula delivery and allows you to extract more formula out of the compact--up to 85 percent.

Manufacturers save money by reducing the amount of formula, and you also end up with a lighter-weight product, making the cushion compact even more portable.

Porex’s New Fiber Cushion absorbs the correct amount of formula, keeping it from leaking even on the go.

It also has greater chemical compatibility to work with a wide range of formulations. Porex owns the intellectual property for the technology, so manufacturers do not need to pay a licensing fee.

Can you say a bit about the trends that have driven this latest innovation?

Consumers want to move makeup application from the morning vanity to anywhere, anytime.

This on-the-go trend is driving consumer demand for the cushion compact format. We saw this trend start in Korea and expand throughout Asia.

Now we are seeing it take hold in Europe and the Americas.

Can you say why Porex has launched this product now?

Porex recognized the need for alternative and better-performing products in the cushion compact application area.

We view the cushion compact as still in its infancy, and the stage is set for explosive growth, particularly in Europe and the Americas.

Our aim is to capitalize on the growth curve of the product by offering a superior format.

Can you explain where it’s available, and who/what kinds of companies Porex supplies its cosmetics packaging & dispensing solutions to?

Porex is offering its New Fiber Cushion to the cosmetic brands and their contract manufacturers globally.

Any other thoughts?

In thinking about future trends, I think the industry will see the cushion compact technology applied to a full range of products, from skin care to color cosmetics.

Applying color cosmetics on-the-go is definitely a trend. We are also anticipating more advanced applicators for consumers who want to achieve professional results, both at home and on-the-go.

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