What will the cosmetics of tomorrow look like and can you afford not to know?

By Simon Pitman

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Jeanine Recckko, the world's only beauty futurologist
Jeanine Recckko, the world's only beauty futurologist
It is the question that is always at the forefront of industry executives’ minds, and beauty expert Jeanine Recckio aims to lift the lid on some of the innovations waiting in store for us at next month’s Cosmetics Vision Event.

Recckio’s keynote presentation, titled ‘And now… What next? Get ready for a future that’s closer than you think’​ will kick off the conference programme on March 6th​. It will touch on mind-blowing future innovations, many of which are closer to being launched than any of us might think.

And if anyone has got the picture on what’s happening it is Recckio, who is the world’s only beauty and lifestyle futurologist – a role she has developed on the back of her uncanny knack for tuning in to what consumers are looking for and then identifying the products of the future that are most likely to meet those needs.

Stay ahead of the game to remain in the game

If we do not talk about the innovations of tomorrow that the industry is going to be dealing with, then your business is likely to be on a future course for failure​,” Recckio told Cosmetics Design in an exclusive interview.

There are numerous new concepts and innovations that are on the horizon, and a lot of them are so futuristic-sounding you would not expect to see them on the market for many years. But many of them are much closer to be launched than you might think.”

Topics that Recckio will touch on during her presentation will include cryogenic cosmetics cosmetotextiles, permanent make-up, the much talked-about cure for gray hair, capsule cosmetics, a new twist on the fusion of beauty with foods, osmotics, oral care beauty, DNA skin care, and much more.

We are talking about a pair of Levi-branded jeans that target cellulite while you are wearing them, capsule make-up that can be activated to give the desired affect at the touch of a wand, bedding developed to reduce wrinkles and your t-bone steak customised with beauty-giving properties. And that's just for starters​.”

Attending the Cosmetics Vision Event

The Cosmetics Vision event features various networking opportunities, a round-table industry discussion and a two-day conference programme with some of the biggest names in the industry, including Will Smith, founder of King Of Shaves and Dr. Liliana George, executive director of corporate innovation and sustainability at Estée Lauder.

Read more here: http://www.cosmeticsvisionevent.com/Content/Cosmetics-Vision-is-the-ultimate-event-connecting-leaders-in-cosmetics-design/1/#yK1hmMLIDidwEOKo.99

The event will take place at the Martinez Hotel, in Cannes, south of France, between March 5 -7, and anyone wishing to know more about being a part of this must-attend event can click here​ .

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