Induchem launches new formulation with short and long-term soothing effects

By Leah Armstrong

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Swiss cosmetics company Induchem has launched a new ingredient called Unisooth, which claims to tackle both long-term and short-term skin soothing problems, through a new ‘synergised’ approach to the cosmetics ingredients.

Giorgio Dell’Acqua, R&D Manager at Induchem, told that the launch was not significant for its use of new ingredients, but its novel approach to these ingredients, which had focused on balance and combination in the formulation.

Having worked on the Unisooth product now for two years, Dell’Acqua claimed that his company had overcome challenges to develop the most successful combination of ingredients that would eradicate immediate redness and skin irritation as well as deliver longer-term soothing effects.

Twin goals of immediate and long term soothing

In achieving the goal of long-term soothing, the company worked to stimulate increased production of keratinocytes in the skin, which repair skin damage and enhance protection.

For the second goal of immediate soothing effects, the Unisooth formulation claims to ‘inhibit keratinocyte-immune cell communication’ when the skin is irritated. Dell’Acqua said that the key to this is the ‘interruption of the loop between the keratinocyte and immune cell’, preventing itching and skin discomfort with immediate effect.

The company claims that the Unisooth formulation will have the best effects on stressed and aged skin. Dell’Acqua stated that the Unisooth ST-32 ingredient will be used in both day and ‘24hr’ creams, since they ‘stimulate proteins and mechanisms linked to skin defense and repair’. He said that the results of this cream would be glowing and healthy skin, improved hydration and improved elasticity.

Two other derivatives of the Unisooth formulation, Unisooth PN-47 and Unisooth EG-28 will be used in products for sensitive skin and sun or after-sun skin care. Dell’Acqua said that the ingredients in these particular formulations would be particularly successful for consumers with dermatological conditions, such as atopic dermatitis or psoriasis.

The company launched its product at Suppliers’ Day in New York, from which the CosmeticsDesign team will be bringing you news this week and next.

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