Seaweed extract helps reduce wrinkles and enhance skin appearance

By Katie Nichol

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Clinical trials of Maritech Reverse, a seaweed extract from Australian biotechnology company Maritech, have shown the ingredient to reduce wrinkles and improve skin appearance.

Both in vivo and in vitro tests were carried out on the ingredient, which was specifically developed for use in anti-ageing skin care applications.

Targets glycation and preserves skin’s natural collagen

In in-vitro tests, the ingredient was shown to inhibit skin degrading enzymes and the glycation process, according to the company.

Glycation is triggered when the naturally occurring sugar molecules in the skin bond to a protein or lipid molecule without the controlling action of an enzyme.

The resulting glycation process impairs the functioning of biomolecules, which weakens the skin structure at a cellular level, leading to a less firm surface and a greater tendency towards wrinkling.

In addition, Maritech Reverse was shown to inhibit elastase and collagenase, two enzymes linked to the break down of the structural proteins elastin and collagen.

As the in vivo tests also demonstrated that it is able to inhibit a range of viruses entering cells, the company also posits the ingredient as suitable for use in soothing and antiviral lip balms.

Improves skin appearance

In-vivo tests revealed the ingredient to be effective in reducing skin aging in white Caucasian women, the company said.

Subjects applied a formulation that included Maritech Reverse at one per cent twice a day for 12 weeks, which resulted in a 9.45 per cent decrease in wrinkle depth.

Expert grading carried out at the end of the study showed skin tone, firmness, and elasticity, showed an improvement of 67.6 per cent. Similarly, overall skin appearance improved 68.4 per cent.

The expert grading also reported a 92.1 per cent improvement in skin dryness and roughness.

Organic-certified Maritech Reverse, which contains fucoidan and calcium, is part of a range of brown seaweed extracts offered by Marinova.

Other ingredients within the range include Maritech Synergy and Maritech bright.

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