BSB Innovation Awards reveal latest cosmetic inventions

By Guy Montague-Jones

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Symrise, Arch and Juvena picked up the prizes at this year’s BSB Innovation Awards for cosmetic ingredients and finished products.

Founded in 2003 by German consultancy BSB, the awards aim to promote and reward progress in cosmetics science and product development.

Finished product winner

This 2009 ‘Most Innovative Cosmetic Product Award’ went to Juvena for the skin care product Master Cream, which uses some of the freshest cosmetic science to fight skin ageing.

The product is based on the SkinNova SC Technology and contains a regenerative skin medicine used on burn patients, called SkinNova, and a peptide to activate the skin’s stem cells.

Two ingredients prizes

Turning to raw materials, the ‘Most Innovative Raw Material Concept’ went to both Arch and Symrise.

Arch won the award under the ‘naturals’ category for Metabiotics Resveratrol. The ingredient draws on developments in the nutritional and pharmaceutical industries to fight the signs of ageing.

Produced through the fermentation of the small molecule, resveratrol, with the microorganism, Pichia pastoris, Metabiotics Resveratrol is designed to reduce inflammation and enhance collagen.

Under the ‘functionals/recipients’ category of the ‘Most Innovative Raw Material Concept’, Symrise picked up the award for Symhelios 1031.

The ingredient aims to protect the skin from within against UVB rays and also minimize the harmful effects that cigarette smoke or air pollution can have on the skin.

Symrise says Symhelios 1031 prevents tryptophan photoproduct from binding to the transmitter protein AhR, thereby preventing tryptophan from forming a harmful substance when exposed to UVB rays.

The jury for the ‘Most Innovative Cosmetic Product Award’ included Dr Sven Munke (Unilever), Dr. Sven Gohla (LaPrairie Group), Dr. Wolfgang Irrgang (Mibelle Cosmetics), Dr. Rainer Lange, (J&J) and Dr. Alfred Markowetz (P&G).

For the ‘Most Innovative Raw Material Concept’, the members of the jury were Ms Angelika Meiss (COSSMA), Ms Ute Amice (Seppic), Ms Birgit Haemel (S&D Chesham), Dr. Joachim Degwert (SIT), Ms Birgit Winkler (BASF) and Ms Bettina Jackwerth (Cognis).

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