Crest launches new multi-purpose toothpaste

By Simon Pitman

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P&G-owned Crest says that its latest toothpaste, Crest
Pro-Health, is the culmination of ten years of development work and
should prove to be one of the most comprehensive and far-reaching
oral care products on the market.

The toothpaste is said to reduce gingivitis, manage hypersensitivity, effect caries protection, act as a stain remover, prevent calculus build-up and freshen breath.

That all this can be achieved from one product is down to two powerful patented active ingredients, stabilized stannous fluoride and sodium hexametaphosphate.

The development team at Crest claim that its 0.454 per cent stannous fluoride formula formula is the only oral care active ingredient to treat cavities, gingivitis and tooth sensitivities.

Meanwhile, sodium hexametosphate is said to be one of the most effective active ingredient to clean stains and enhance the all-important whiteness of tooth enamel. In particular this hits on a huge growth market, as Americans will now go to extraordinary lengths, and great expense, to cosmetically enhance their smile.

One of the primary driving forces behind the development of the toothpaste has been the proliferation of the baby boomer generation, who, thanks to vast improvement in oral care over the years, are now managing to hang on to their own teeth for life.

Likewise everyone now wants to enhance their oral care routine and any product that promises to provide optimum oral care protection as well as the ability to enhance the cosmetic appearance of tooth enamel is bound to have a significant impact on the market.

Dr. Robert Fazio, clinical professor in surgery at Yale School of Medicine, believes the toothpaste is one of the most significant launches on the market in the past 50 years. Speaking to Canadian publication Digital Journal, he said that this is because it is the first toothpaste claiming to effectively treat a number of dental ailments.

Until now separate toothpaste, mouthwash and whitening products would have contained the same efficacy as the Pro-Health toothpaste, which Crest says should prove to be one of the strongest marketing points for the product.

The American Dental Association has now approved the product, prior to its retail launch, which is expected to be in the Fall.

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