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A study has shown current sustainability focus and efforts are aimed at environmental impact and sourcing stages but a more 'holistic' approach must be taken [Getty Images]


Beauty can drive 'holistic' sustainable action with life cycle and social focus

By Kacey Culliney

Cosmetics companies are aware and invested in sustainable action, but more can be done to drive better beauty consumption and take a more holistic approach, according to findings in Brazil that offer wider valuable learnings, say researchers.

Latin America helps buoy Clariant’s financial performance

Latin America helps buoy Clariant’s financial performance

By Simon Pitman

Specialty chemicals players Clariant has overcome challenging conditions in North America and China, as well as the Care Chemicals division, thanks to strong results in its new markets, particularly in Latin America.

How sustainability is impacting the LATAM male grooming category

Special Edition: LATAM Male Grooming

Argentine men’s grooming brand focuses on sustainability

By Simon Pitman

Dandy is a cosmetics and personal care brand out of Buenos Aires, Argentina, that is focusing in on two of the biggest trends in the Latin America market – men’s grooming and sustainability.

Beraca's passion fruit extract is big for male skin care

Speical Edition: LATAM Male Grooming

How do Latin American men relate to the naturals trend?

By Simon Pitman

In Latin America the naturals trends has swept the region, impacting product launches across the board. That impact has also been seen in the fast-growing men’s grooming category.

Chemyunion eyes further expansion into Europe

Chemyunion eyes further expansion into Europe

By Simon Pitman

Chemyunion has taken huge strides in recent years, expanding its main facilities in Sao Paulo, while also setting up a US headquarters in New Jersey, but now it is looking to Europe.

image courtesy of Mary Kay

Mary Kay’s newest market is Peru

By Deanna Utroske

The direst-sales cosmetics and personal care company announced late last week the addition of another Latin American country to its territory. As competitor brands in the channel leverage various strategies to gain new relevance in the global market place,...

in-cosmetics Brasil targets important Latin America market

in-cosmetics Brasil targets important Latin America market


As it gears up for its second ever show in Brasil in September this year, the in-cosmetics trade show organisers say there is to be a big focus on Latin America as it will become one of the most important markets in the next few years.


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