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Get ahead! ‘Envisioning Beauty’ around personal care priorities

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In personal care’s rapidly changing world, ever-shifting requirements and consumer needs influence demands placed on companies and brands. Differentiation is key.

To support the industry’s diverse players – from established brands, indies to contract formulators - and inspire future product innovation linked to trends and challenges, Clariant’s new personal care brand goes all out to simplify how each sees the relevance and benefits of its products for different beauty and personal care applications. And it’s far-reaching support, including skin care, hair care, deodorants, wet-wipes, men’s grooming, oral care, sun care, color cosmetics and bath and shower.

“Envisioning Beauty” gets to the heart of the most pressing challenges, featuring all products within five customer-need defined clusters to make cosmetics’ differentiation as sustainable, inspiring and easy as possible.

Formulate natural…and more

Launching at in-cosmetics Global, “Envisioning Beauty” goes beyond an appealing new-look and engaging, user-friendly new website for personal care. To support future innovation, Clariant chose the five priority areas – Actives, Functional Claims, Sensorial Effects, Preservation and Naturals – based on market foresight and customer insight to address the most relevant needs of this trend-guided industry. Solutions providing demonstrable benefits to specific challenges are simple to find, whether it is an established brand, indie or contract formulator on the lookout.

Naturals. ​Envisioning a call for nature. Responds to ever-growing concerns for more sustainable ingredients and a healthier lifestyle. The flagship platform offers formulators the rare opportunity to create even 100% natural formulations without looking any further, containing everything necessary for a natural product from mild surfactants to emollients and preservatives. In order to provide customers with the needed framework, technology improvements and simplification of ingredients search that will enable high RCI and more natural formulations, Clariant’s Naturals platform relies on ISO 16128 definition and two very distinct key pillars: “Origins” and “Green Performers”.

“Origins” products answer the call when natural and exotic origin with transparency, responsible sourcing and social factors are top of mind. The local ingredients portfolio brings unique stories through the biodiversity wealth of this planet. They provide new ideas for fulfilling consumers’ evolving preferences by extending local rare ingredients from Africa, Amazonia, Indonesia and the Mediterranean to global markets. Clariant’s ambition is to bring more transparency in the way these ingredients are sourced and ensure responsible sourcing programs that return value to our local farmers.

At in-cosmetics Global, Clariant introduces the Plantasens - BertoM​ portfolio of extracts from the fourth largest biodiversity in the world, Indonesia / Java, as a result of its strategic partnership with Martina Berto. These natural ingredients include fruits, herbs, plants and grasses offering whitening, moisturizing and anti-oxidant and anti-aging properties to formulations.

“Green Performers” are ideal for achieving high-RCI formulations with no performance trade-off. With these nature-derived ingredients Clariant places emphasis not just on ISO 16128 compliance but also on additional sustainability improvements such as biodegradability, compliance with the main Ecolabels or a clear improved environmental footprint. The “Green Performers” range is composed of more than 50 ingredients that offers substantiated sustainable technologies for key building blocks of cosmetic formulations. Clariant’s ambition is to continue developing and expanding these green technologies so formulators can create cosmetics with even higher RCIs – and no compromise in the performance.

The in-cosmetics Global launch of two new “Green Performers” expands possibilities for high RCI formulations with the special consumer appeal of weightless textures and delightful sensory without silicones. Plant-based, lightweight emollients Plantasens Flash 80 and Flash 100 deliver functionality and extraordinary sensory to multifaceted applications. For example, smoothness in body lotions and mousses, providing radiant and luminous coverage for foundations, improving the color intensity and homogeneous coverage of make up and also easy-spreading suncare, and uniform delivery of inorganic pigments and sun filters.

Further inspiration for trend-focused differentiation across all the market needs comes from further novel and new products in the in-cosmetics spotlight.


Active ingredients​ offers actives whose effectiveness is proved by several in-vitro, ex-vivo and clinical tests. Fresh innovation for the dynamic anti-aging segment, for example, is promoted with new seaweed-based Epseama offering a pioneering approach. The active targets the long non-coding skin rejuvenator RNA nc886, resulting in less wrinkles, better skin hydration and deleting pigmented spots. As a natural extract it also addresses the rising demand for natural and organic products in anti-aging products[1]​.

Functional claims​. Envisioning the next benefit. Gets a boost too.[1]​  Bringing preferences for mildness and hazard label-free claims to traditionally harsher products, like hair coloring, hair removal and liquid soaps, reaches new heights with the first alkaline neutralizer based on renewable feedstock – NeutroTain. Also, options expand for creating effective odor controlling deodorants that meet the growing aluminium-free, alcohol-free and paraben-free trends, with new Caremag D rich in Dead Sea magnesium minerals.


Sensorial effects. ​Envisioning all aspects of your senses remains a priority in personal care as the wellness and me-time trends extend the desire for pampering from head to toe. Clariant enables formulators to respond with new sensorial experiences from skincare, for example, through the innovative textures of its Aristoflex range. The EO-free ingredients deliver everything from indulgent rich and caring to silky soft or light and fresh sensory to extensive applications, from detoxing face masks to UV- and pollution-protecting skin lotions or even fun jelly shower washes.


Preservation​. Envisioning a safe and effective path. To ensure product protection and consumer safety earns its spotlight, due to the specific challenges posed by formulation complexity and regulatory aspects when creating today’s cosmetics, Clariant is investing in bringing more natural and safe alternatives to this field. The cluster will make it easier for customers to select effective multifunctional preservation solutions that answer their efficiency needs and also shifting cosmetics’ ingredient and format trends.


Fabio Caravieri, personal care segment leader, Clariant, comments: “Bringing Clariant’s extensive personal care portfolio into the “Envisioning Beauty” clusters provides clearly-defined homes for new and existing ingredients to support the innovation and sustainability that future beauty requires. It reduces the complexity of finding ingredients and creating products that meet formulator and consumer needs and are ahead of trends. Developing the “next best thing” in beauty should be fun, and we have the keen eye on innovation to spice up opportunities for success​.”

[1]​ “Anti-aging Market Report: Trends, Forecasts and Competitive Analysis to 2023”. Accessed via:

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