Clariant Personal Care

Clariant Personal Care

From consumers taking control of their wellbeing and sustainable living to the rise of Indie brands, in the face of rapid industry change Clariant aims to make cosmetics’ differentiation as sustainable, inspiring and easy as possible.

Envisioning Beauty contains five focus areas – Naturals,​ Actives, Functional Claims, Sensorial Effects and Preservation ​– specially chosen through market foresight and customer insight to address the most relevant needs of this trend-guided industry.

Envisioning Beauty looks ahead to bring you ahead. Solutions providing demonstrable benefits to specific challenges are simple to find, whether you’re an established brand, indie or contract formulator on the lookout.

Naturals​ envisioning a call for nature. It’s about taking ownership of our actions and providing inspiring solutions and high-performing green technologies

Functional Claims ​envisioning the next benefit. It’s about developing outstanding product features made for emerging customer needs

Sensorial Effects​ envisioning all aspects of your senses. It’s about creating appealing formulations capturing every aspect of touch and feel.

Preservation ​envisioning a safe and effective path. It’s about exceeding expectations of the ever changing needs of safe preservation.

Active Ingredients​ Powered by nature. Advanced with science.

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The era of new hair conditioners

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The era of new hair conditioners

Hair is the natural crown of beauty and the pride for many consumers. It is one of those elements of the body, people can shape in order to reflect their personality and identity. Hair is definitely considered a gem!