Filterbaby: a first-of-its-kind water filter for skincare

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"We see ourselves as trailblazers in the water filtration for the skincare category," said Lynn Shui, Co-founder and CEO of Filterbaby. © RUNSTUDIO Getty Images
"We see ourselves as trailblazers in the water filtration for the skincare category," said Lynn Shui, Co-founder and CEO of Filterbaby. © RUNSTUDIO Getty Images

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If a daily skincare regimen can include ten different products, then it might also make sense to ensure that the first step of cleansing the skin involves the purest water possible.

Filterbaby has hit upon this issue, launching the first-ever bathroom faucet filter designed to rid tap water of impurities, enabling users to cleanse their skin in water containing lower levels of substances that can exacerbate various skin conditions. 

CosmeticsDesign spoke to Filterbaby Co-founder and CEO Lynn Shui to find out about the development of this intriguing product, how it works, what it does to the water, and the benefits it brings to a broad range of consumers.

CDU:​ Can you please explain the Filterbaby concept and how it works?

Lynn Shui (LS)​: Filterbaby is the first dermatologically tested and approved water filter device for skincare. While millions of skincare products flood the market, there has been an absence of emphasis on water quality, a fundamental factor for achieving good facial skin health. Consumers spend thousands of dollars on skincare each year to optimize their skin health, yet the water used to clean skin is often less than optimal. 

By filtering tap water impurities and micro-contaminants that are as small as 0.2 microns, Filterbaby ensures users receive higher quality water to improve their skin's health. It is clinically tested to improve skin hydration in just two weeks. Through consumer studies, it has also been found to reduce irritation and protect the epidermis, ultimately leading to radiant and healthier skin.

Additionally, it is economical and incredibly easy to use; in fact, users can install it in less than five minutes, as our filter fits 99% of faucets with circular aerators.

CDU: How does it benefit skin health? And what type of skin conditions is it best for?

LS​: After extensive research, we’ve found that everyday exposure to pollutants, chemicals, and microcontaminants in tap water has a discernible impact on skin health. For instance, chlorine is a common addition to municipal water systems, serving as a disinfectant to eliminate harmful microorganisms.

While essential for safeguarding the quality of drinking water, it is also known to deplete the skin's natural oils, thereby weakening the skin barrier. This, in turn, can result in symptoms such as dryness, redness, irritation, and premature signs of aging.

Additionally, rust particles in water often stem from corroded water pipes, and their presence in tap water can lead to skin issues, including acne and dermatitis, due to their potential to irritate and clog pores. 

Utilizing Filterbaby effectively reduces these contaminants, protecting the skin. This results in increased skin moisture, reduced redness and irritation, a stronger skin barrier, and helps prevent breakouts.

This also provides relief for various skin conditions, including dermatitis, rosacea, eczema, and more. We have received hundreds of before and after photos from our extensive customer base who have experienced these conditions and noticed drastic improvements. 

CDU: Who is your target consumer?

LS​: We firmly believe that cleaner, safer water plays a pivotal role in every individual's skincare routine, offering advantages regardless of age or gender. At Filterbaby, our mission is to make these benefits accessible to everyone, and our diverse customer base reflects this commitment.

Our most prominent consumer is women aged 24 to 45. However, our customers span a wide demographic range, from college students facing breakouts as they transition from their hometowns to college life for the first time to individuals in their 50s who want to safeguard their skin's integrity and even mothers who have come to appreciate the significance of filtered water for bathing their newborns.

CDU: Why is it the right time to launch this type of product on the market?

LS​: The timing for the launch of this product is ideal for several reasons. Consumers today are increasingly prioritizing their health and wellness, gravitating towards better-for-you products. They're also demanding greater transparency, wanting to know exactly what ingredients are included in the everyday products they use.

In the beauty industry, there remains a strong focus on what can be applied to one's face, whether it's through lotions, serums, creams, or intricate ten-step beauty routines. Filterbaby, however, has chosen to address fundamental issues, specifically the presence of chemicals and contaminants in tap water. Our objective is to deliver users cleaner, superior water specifically formulated to elevate skin quality.

While it's common knowledge that filtering water for drinking is essential due to safety concerns, we noticed a similar mindset was not consistently applied to face washing. Recognizing this gap, our aim has been to educate people, enabling them to draw the same connection between water quality and skincare.

This approach has proven effective, as we’ve received thousands of messages from individuals who had been searching for a solution like ours for years, realizing something was amiss with their water.

CDU: What is your unique selling point?

LS​: We've developed a comprehensive, multi-step filtration process aimed at addressing the most common contaminants found in tap water that are known to be harmful to your skin health.

While many faucet mount filters rely on activated carbon to handle some chemical contaminants, they often fall short when it comes to removing physical impurities like rust and lead particles, microplastics, bacteria, and turbidity. 

Furthermore, our commitment to quality is unwavering. We utilize premium materials, and our filtration systems have undergone over 100,000 stress and durability tests to ensure their reliability.

Our team comprises highly experienced Ph.D. chemical engineers and esteemed dermatologists who are deeply passionate about skincare. Filterbaby not only meets but exceeds industry standards, notably surpassing NSF-42 criteria. Our dedication to continuous testing and product improvement keeps our customers at the forefront of our priorities.

CDU: How will you position Filterbaby? If a consumer went to a brick-and-mortar store, on which shelves would they find it?

LS​: We see ourselves as trailblazers in the water filtration for the skincare category. We aim to be the ultimate destination for consumers who understand the influence of tap water on their skin's well-being. Our goal is to ensure that Filterbaby is within easy reach of consumers across all demographics, and we've reflected this commitment in our selection of online retail partners. 

You can currently find our products on popular online platforms such as Amazon, Urban Outfitters, Bloomingdales, and Dormify. Most recently, we're excited to announce our first brick-and-mortar partnership with Thirteen Lune, expanding our retail footprint. 

CDU: Why did you choose Thirteen Lune as your first e-commerce retail partner?

LS​: Thirteen Lune stands out as a remarkable space dedicated to empowering minority founders, which strongly aligns with our own values and aspirations. As minority founders ourselves, we share in the mission of making a profound statement about the critical connection between water quality and its impact on skin health. Our overarching goal is to enhance people's lives through the delivery of superior water solutions.

We find that Thirteen Lune provides us with the perfect platform to amplify our mission and share our message with a wider audience. Being part of this collective force for positive change in the beauty industry is very exciting for us.

CDU: In what direction will Filterbaby's retail strategy go in the future?

LS​: We are excited about our ongoing discussions with prominent retailers, and we have ambitious plans for Filterbaby's future retail strategy. Our vision includes a nationwide launch in 2024 and partnering with a major retailer to make our products even more accessible to a broader audience.

CDU: Are there plans to develop the Filterbaby concept and technology further?

LS​: This is just the start for Filterbaby. Looking ahead, we are committed to broadening our product range to encompass all aspects of the bathroom while also playing a pivotal role in advancing skincare innovations. As sustainability holds a special place in our hearts - our filter has a built-in mode to save flow - we are also actively developing sustainable water filter refill solutions.

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