Truth Treatment Systems founder highlights strategies to stay competitive in premium skincare

By Simon Pitman

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Benjamin Knight Fuchs, founder of Truth Treatment Systems. Image credit: Truth Treatment Systems
Benjamin Knight Fuchs, founder of Truth Treatment Systems. Image credit: Truth Treatment Systems

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Keeping ahead in the crowded premium skincare space means staying on top of the category’s constantly evolving trends. Truth Treatment Systems is doing this through innovations in formulation, packaging and new technology.

The brand has focused on water-free formulation to enhance sustainability and efficacy. a packaging redesign that emphasizes minimalism, as well as introducing a device to complement the range. Cosmetics Design spoke to Benjamin Knight Fuchs, who is a pharmacist, consulting nutritionist and the brand’s founder, to find out about how these innovations will help keep the brand ahead of the game.

Packaging redesigned to focus on the consumer

With shelf appeal in mind, the brand has redesigned its packaging with a bolder more simplistic look, a move that also increased the efficacy of the formulations.

“Our products are now elegantly presented in light-proof jars and bottles. This packaging design serves a crucial role in preserving the activity and efficacy of our formulations. Light can degrade certain active ingredients over time, and by using light-proof packaging, we ensure that our products remain potent and effective from the first use to the last,”​ said Fuchs.

The packaging also includes a simple black motif, which serves two purposes; firstly to focus on the consumer and let them know that the brand is designed around them and their wellbeing, and secondly, to align with the brand’s philosophy to minimize its presence and let the product speak for themselves.

“In essence, our packaging changes are about ensuring the quality and effectiveness of our products while emphasizing our commitment to our customers and a minimalist, results-driven approach to skincare. We believe that healthy skin is beautiful skin, and our packaging is a reflection of that belief.”

The benefits of being water-free

The portfolio has also been designed around a water-free philosophy to enhance the  efficacy of the formulation of the range, an innovation that has sustainability benefits too.

“Making our formulations water-free was a deliberate choice with several advantages. Firstly, this approach significantly enhances the potency and efficacy of our products. By eliminating water as a primary ingredient, we can use higher concentrations of active ingredients. This means that when you apply our products, you’re getting a more concentrated dose of the ingredients that deliver real results for your skin. It’s all about maximizing the benefits and ensuring that every ingredient serves a specific purpose in promoting skin health.” Said​ Fuchs

“We believe in transparency when it comes to sustainability, and we discuss these aspects in our marketing materials and in company presentations. Our aim is to educate our customers about the benefits of water-free formulations. not only in terms of efficacy, but also in reducing the environmental impact of skincare production. It’s part of our commitment to delivering products that not only work exceptionally well but also align with our responsibility to the planet.”

A focus on active and functional ingredients

The water-free formulations has given way to an emphasis on active ingredients, one that Fuchs says is driven by a commitment to purity, potency and effectiveness of purely functional and active ingredients, without fillers, additives or preservatives.

“This minimalist approach ensures that every component serves a specific purpose in promoting skin health and beauty. We prioritize ingredient quality, concentration, and transparency, ensuring that our products are not only highly effective but also allow customers to make informed choices about their skincare. At Truth Treatment Systems, our goal is to provide targeted and potent solutions that deliver noticeable and lasting benefits.” ​Fuchs said.

What clean means, and the addition of devices

Credit Truth Treatment Systems
Image credit: Truth Treatment Systems

The range has also been developed around clean principles, the definition of which can vary from brand to brand, as well as among beauty retailers and consumers. We asked Fuchs what the term means to him and his team.

“To us, ‘clean’ in the context of skincare means crafting products that are not only effective but also gentle, healing, and nurturing to the skin. It embodies a commitment to using ingredients that prioritize the well-being of the skin, promoting its health and beauty without causing harm or irritation. Clean skincare also means simplicity in formulation, where we select only essential ingredients for their proven performance. This approach minimizes the use of unnecessary or potentially harmful components, creating products that are pure, safe, and aligned with the principles of skin health,”​ said Fuchs

The range has also benefited from the recent addition of a new devices, including its Ultrasonic Device and the NRG Current Device, innovations that aim to further optimize the results of certain treatments, while also falling in line with the company’s holistic approach to skincare.

“Our decision to introduce these devices is driven by our dedication to providing our customers with comprehensive solutions that address a wide range of skincare concerns. These devices are intended to work synergistically with our products, enhancing their efficacy and delivering even more impressive outcomes. Whether it’s through advanced exfoliation, enhanced product penetration, or other targeted treatments, these devices empower our customers to achieve their skin health and beauty goals more effectively,”​ Fuchs said.

What the future holds

Truth Treatment Systems is a brand that has been built around staying ahead through its innovative approach to product development, a momentum the team is looking to maintain and build on in the future.

“In the coming years, you can expect to see more educational initiatives, public presentations, and resources that empower individuals to make informed decisions about their skincare. We are passionate about bridging the gap between science and skincare, demystifying complex concepts, and providing accessible information to help people achieve healthier and more radiant skin,”​ said Fuchs

“We will continue to innovate, develop new solutions, and refine our existing offerings to meet the evolving needs of our customers. The future of Truth Treatment Systems is about empowering individuals to take control of their skin health and beauty journey through knowledge, science, and effective skincare solutions.”

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