“The biggest challenge was establishing credibility in a market that was not yet familiar with evidence-based skincare solutions.” Transformulas founder

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Rosalind Chapman started Transformulas over 20 years ago due to her fear of needles
Rosalind Chapman started Transformulas over 20 years ago due to her fear of needles

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We spoke to the pioneering founder of Transformulas Rosalind Chapman about navigating cosmeceuticals 20 years ago, what’s new for the brand and category trends.

Cosmetics Design Europe: Why did you create the Transformulas Beauty WITHOUT Surgery brand?

Rosalind Chapman: "The journey of Transformulas began more than two decades ago, a time when the concept of effective, non-invasive skincare was relatively novel. I was driven by my profound passion for skincare and a personal phobia of needles, which pushed me to explore alternative avenues for achieving and maintaining a youthful and radiant skin without opting for injectables such as Botox, which were becoming more common. Back then, there were very few skincare brands or options that shared this vision, if any at all. Recognising the gap in the market and the growing need for results driven skincare solutions, that combined instant results with long-term benefits. Without intention and more of an obsession and self-need, I embarked on a personal mission to create Transformulas Beauty WITHOUT Surgery."

 CDE: The brand was pretty ahead of its time, as there wasn’t much (if anything) else like this on the market 20 years ago. What kind of challenges did you face when formulating?

RC: "Being a pioneer and breaking new ground in the skincare industry came with its set of challenges. I faced numerous challenges when it came to NPD and R&D. Developing products that not only met the highest standards of evidence and integrity, but also delivered real results, was a meticulous process. I had to collaborate closely with top formulators and researchers to handpick innovative active ingredients that were backed by rigorous clinical trials. This meant countless hours of research and development to ensure that our formulations were not only effective, but also safe and transformative.

But perhaps the biggest challenge was establishing credibility in a market that was not yet familiar with evidence-based skincare solutions. It took a lot of hard work and dedication to consistently deliver products of the highest quality and to maintain complete transparency in everything we do. We had to effectively demonstrate the potency of our products through tangible results, showing the world that beauty without surgery was not just a dream, but a reality. And I can assure you, it was all worth it in the end."

CDE: Transformulas has just announced a collaboration with celebrity Calum Best. What are you hoping to achieve with this partnership?

RC "The collaboration with Calum Best was a strategic move, I made the decision to collaborate with Calum because I saw an opportunity to challenge the status quo in the realm of men's grooming and self-care. In a society where skin care has traditionally been associated with women, I wanted to break those barriers and redefine the narrative.

Calum's entrepreneurial spirit and influence provided a perfect platform to break stereotypes and promote the idea that skincare is not just a luxury but an essential aspect of self-respect and overall well-being. Through our partnership, we sought to inspire individuals, regardless of their gender, to embrace a transformative skincare routine aligned to Transformulas' evidence-based philosophy. Encouraging people to prioritise their skin health and empower them to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin.

Ultimately, our collaboration was driven by a shared vision of challenging societal norms and revolutionising the way people perceive and approach skincare. By joining forces, we aimed to make a lasting impact and contribute to a more inclusive and enlightened beauty industry."

CDE: Do you have any upcoming NPD in the pipeline?

RC: "I'm beyond excited to unveil our upcoming skincare game-changer, WrinkleBlock. This product is set to redefine the way we tackle those annoying mimic wrinkles caused by repetitive facial movements. What sets WrinkleBlock apart is its muscle relaxation process. We have developed a unique formula that specifically targets these wrinkles, offering a non-invasive alternative to traditional procedures. WrinkleBlock is a testament to our commitment of pushing the boundaries in skincare innovation. With this product individuals can now achieve visible skin-smoothing effects without the need for needles or surgical interventions."

CDE: Where are your products available now and do you have any expansion plans?

RC: "Our products can be found in a range of highly respected channels such as Sephora, Feel Unique, Amazon and The Fragrance Shop to name a few. We're proud to say that we've even become a go-to brand for the airlines, taking the number one spot on Easyjet, and now we're making waves aboard Emirates flights as well. This means that travellers seeking effective skincare solutions can easily access our products even while on the go. As for expansion, we're continuously exploring opportunities to reach new markets and share our passion for transformative, “beauty without surgery” skincare with a wider audience globally."

CDE: What trends are you currently spotting in cosmeceuticals?

RC: "In the cosmeceuticals space, I've noticed a trend towards seeking skincare solutions that blend instant results with evidence-based formulations. Consumers are increasingly valuing transparency, efficacy, and non-invasive approaches to achieving youthful skin. Looking ahead, I foresee a continued emphasis on personalised skincare, integrating advanced technologies like AI and DNA analysis to tailor solutions to individual needs. The next era of skincare will likely focus on holistic well-being, recognising that skincare is not just about appearance but also about self-care and confidence."

CDE: How have consumers’ views on cosmeceuticals changed since you first entered the market in the early Noughties?

RC: "There has been a remarkable change in consumers' perspectives on cosmeceuticals. There's a heightened awareness of the importance of evidence and clinical backing in skincare products. Consumers now seek products that provide both immediate visible effects and also prioritise long-term skin health benefits. The market has become more discerning, with consumers placing a greater emphasis on clinical backing and tangible evidence rather than falling for flashy marketing claims. This shift perfectly aligns with the core principles of Transformulas, as we have always believed in providing science-driven solutions that truly transform people's skincare routines."

CDE: What’s your most popular product now?

RC: "Our long-time hero, Marine Miracle Crème. It's amazing to see how this product has garnered such a loyal following over the years. The Marine Miracle range exemplifies the incredible transformative results that can be achieved without invasive methods."

"Testing the effectiveness of our products is paramount. We take great pride in subjecting our formulations to rigorous clinical trials to validate their claims. These trials provide tangible evidence of our products' outstanding performance, ensuring our customers have confidence and can trust the transformative benefits they offer."

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