Fragrance sustainability: Firmenich launches EcoScent Compass tool

By Lucy Whitehouse

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Fragrance sustainability: Firmenich launches EcoScent Compass tool
With every area of the industry impacted by the ongoing rise in customer and consumer demand for more sustainable ingredients and products, fragrance player Firmenich has stepped in with a new measurement tool.

The EcoScent Compass tool measures a fragrance’s sustainability footprint, the company says, “from its intrinsic green properties, to its environmental and social impact.”

Each fragrance is assessed against three pillars, receiving a rating from A to E for each:

- Green properties;

- Environmental footprint;

- Social impact.

The tool is based on Firmenich’s ingredients data that is available for its current portfolio of fragrances. The company says it hopes the tool will have broader appeal than its own portfolio, though, and even that it eventually become adopted as an industry standard.

“We designed EcoScent Compass™ to enable our perfumers to fully embed sustainability into their fragrance creation process and offer a new level of transparency to our customers. Our ambition is it becomes an industry standard,​” confirms Armand de Villoutreys, President Perfumery & Ingredients, Firmenich.

It responds to consumer demand for transparency and traceability, the company says.

This new tool enables today’s conscious consumers to make educated purchasing decisions based on a scent’s composition across Fine Fragrance, as well as Body and Home Care products​.”

Three core properties

The Green properties as measured by the EcoScent tool are linked to the nature of the ingredients within each fragrance’s formulation from their biodegradability and green chemistry profile, to their renewability and the amount of waste per kilogram.

The Environmental footprint of the tool measures and reports the sustainability of more than 90% of Firmenich’s ingredients palette, cutting across climate, water and toxicity metrics.

This measurement is based on Firmenich’s industry first Ingredients Sustainability Index, which was recognized last year with the prestigious DuPont Global Sustainability Award.

The Social impact pillar of the tool measures the working conditions and labour standards of all people involved in Firmenich’s supply chain, including the company’s manufacturing plants, and those of its suppliers.

It also measures the impact on local communities at the source of the company’s natural ingredients, through its proprietary responsible sourcing programs: Naturals Together™ and Deep Roots.

Scrutiny and trust

Bérangère Magarinos-Ruchat, Global Head of Sustainability at Firmenich, says the tool allows for greater scrutiny, and as a result, greater customer and consumer trust.

“In a society where consumer scrutiny and the desire for trust are the new norm, people want products that respect biodiversity and foster responsible societal development,​” he says.

With EcoScent Compass™ we are raising the bar in our industry, offering a new best-in-class measurement tool to shape fragrances with lasting positive social and environmental impact​.” Further details of the tool are available here​.

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