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Givaudan explores active ingredients, masks and botanicals in Korea

By Natasha Spencer

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Givaudan explores active ingredients, masks and botanicals in Korea
We caught up with global leader in the creation of flavours and fragrances, Givaudan, at this year’s in-cosmetics Korea to talk active ingredients, new products launches and appealing to Korean shoppers.

Asia is an important market to boost Givaudan's brand awareness, Pauline Martin, Global Communications Manager at Givaudan, explained. Highlighting emerging trends, Martin added that “trends follow Korea”, ​in part because of their ability to craft and create strong marketing concepts.

New active ingredients

This year has marked a significant milestone for the active ingredient leader as it has combined the world of cosmetics and fragrances to launch four products in April and May.


In April 2018, Givaudan launched Vetivyne, a new patent-pending powerful active ingredient with both anti-ageing benefits and long lasting properties to enhance fragrance wear.

The company's scientists and sustainability experts used a water-soluble extract from exhausted Haitian vetiver roots, a by-product of the extraction procedure used to produce vetiver oil for fragrances to create Vetivyne.

The “first time the fragrance and cosmetic worlds have shared the same sustainable and ethical origin”,​ Vetivyne was developed using a cutting-edge process to offer a fully natural, concentrated, odour-free and offers clinically proven skin benefits.

“We deeply believe in the synergies between the beauty and fragrance worlds. Vetivyne exemplifies the many possibilities we have in creating innovative and disrupting ingredients which ​fulfils our commitment to offer not only efficient but also natural and sustainable products for our customers,”​ explained Laurent Bourdeau, Head of Active Beauty, Givaudan.

PrimalHyal Ultrafiller

PrimalHyal Ultrafiller, a cosmetic alternative to dermal fillers, also arrived in April 2018 as a new sustainable hyaluronic acid derivative to protect and rejuvenate the skin. In conjunction with its launch, Givaudan also unveiled S3D Pro’Fill: “The time reversing filler”​, a new product concept featuring PrimalHyal Ultrafiller.

Completing the portfolio

Givaudan launched two new items in May 2018. RitualEssenz TCM and scalp care product with BisaboLife.

RitualEssenz TCM, a natural beauty range with botanical extracts, rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine, where TCM extracts have been designed by modern and qualified TCM doctors using the main preparation method called the "Tea Pot
Principle"​, where natural materials are brewed and extracted together, creating a homogeneous and harmonic blend.

The second product, a sustainable scalp soothing solution with BisaboLife that was launched following new clinical tests that demonstrate hair care benefits in rinse off products with the sustainable biotech (-)-α-bisabolol.

Standing out in Korea

Emphasising the rise of the mask trend, particularly tissue masks and all over body masks that aim to provide hydration and moisturisation, Martin commented on the increasing presence of active ingredients in segments throughout the cosmetics and personal care industries including body care, hair care and face care. 

Botanicals are also featuring highly as natural and sustainability messages, production and manufacturing processes and certification are increasingly on the minds of consumers. Martin shared that botanicals are an area that Givaudan is set to increasingly develop in the coming months and years.

Martin emphasises how the rise of microbiome has been increasing since 2016 but has been “huge in 2018”.​ With over 15 years’ experience in this field and with a dedicated research team using bioinformatics to analyse different elements and produce other ingredients, Givaudan met this growing interest in microbiome by launching a campaign in February 2018 to communicate its scientific findings to consumers.

As these contain specific claims, brands are therefore adapting their formulations and strengthening their R&D efforts to answer the needs of the active ingredient-led industry.

Marketing messages

Asia can build up its storytelling prowess by talking about specific ingredients such as Ginseng as these appeal to consumers who care about brand backstories. Through marketing and storytelling, brands are able to provide reassurance and make a real impact. 

Companies are also inviting consumers to feel products before purchase. Improving the sensuality of products through sensory marketing is an area that Martin anticipates with gain traction as consumers want to try before they buy.

Talking about the challenges in the Korean marketplace, Martin emphasises that creating delight and differentiation are high on the agenda, particularly as Korea has such rapid launch cycles. With launches every six-eight months, brands need swift and comprehensive marketing efforts. 

What does Givaudan hope to achieve before in-cosmetics 2019?

Gaining an understanding of the Korean marketplace is crucial and so the company will continue to “draft specific concepts and approaches”​ based on what customers want to experience when it comes to product selection.

Visual aesthetics are also of great importance when it comes to attracting Korean customers. Colours, textures and shapes within the product themselves help to enhance brand appeal in Korea, in particular.

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