Shiseido puts the spotlight on innovation with Posme

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Shiseido puts the spotlight on innovation with Posme
Personal care giant, Shiseido, launches its new open innovation project with support from high school females, aged 14-18 years old, and companies from a range of industries.

Shiseido is set to unveil its latest open innovation project, Posme, on 26th January 2018, where it will launch eight colours from its Play Color Chip product line.

Multifunctional colour

The company’s multi-use colour item, Play Color Chip, will be the first item released by Posme. A key part of the range’s appeal comes from its functionality as it can be used in a variety of ways, including for the eyes, cheeks, lips or eyebrows.

Communication was made and market research was conducted with over 150 high school girls to refine the product offering. Play Color Chip will be sold in a set of six disposable chips of the same colour. Although one product, the colour cosmetics range has 21 varieties and is set to expand.

Beyond the initial eight colours set for release on 26th January, another eight will be launched on 23rd February and five colours on 16th March 2018, at a suggested retail price of 324 JPY (€2.39).

The release

Launching its brand video on 16th January 2018, the Play Color Chip range will be available at designated stores in the Tokyo and Kansai regions, along with its website and at Posme Lab Shibuya.

Shiseido states that Play Color Chip “marks a change in cosmetics”​ as it transforms an item from being used individually into one that can be “shared or swapped”,​ and so, in turn, creates a “new form of enjoyment”.

Through a survey conducted in 2017, the Japanese beauty leader found that 93% of female school girls perceived the novelty of the items because they can be swapped with friends, are easy to carry around, are good for a gift, and are perfect to try a new colour.

“The new chips offer more freedom in make up, allowing users to coordinate colours with friends, try a new colour more easily, or enjoy a special colour for a special occasion,”​ Shiseido said.

High school help

Commenting on the reason for directly appealing to this demographic, Shiseido revealed in a recent press release: “High school girls have been garnering attention as a source of a new pop culture, following the millennials in Japan.”

“High school girls are actively networking with the world, unlimited by the constraints of age or neighbourhood,”​ Shiseido went on.

Characterised as having “a wider outlook and stronger communicative power”,​ the company outlined that this particular customer demographic is “no longer satisfied with just following the existing brands and expressing their views and tastes on them, and instead are looking for opportunities to create a new pop culture by themselves”.

“The target audience will engage in a licensing business, partnering with various industries and companies to develop products and services beyond cosmetics,”​ the company continued.

Long-term strategy

The Posme project — the first to be promoted by Innovation Design Lab —  will provide a variety of consumer goods and services. Innovation Design Lab, established in January 2017, is Shiseido’s internal organisation and strives to foster innovation as part of the company’s goals under its mid- to long-term strategy, Vision 2020.

Items including sweets, stationery and fashionable accessories will be on the longer-term agenda, as Posme will continue to seek inspiration from high school females.

“Members will present ideas while partner companies will realise these ideas in the form of products and services of guaranteed quality, and launch them under the name of Posme brand,”​ Shiseido added. 

At present, the Posme team consists of 40 members. As Shiseido gets ready to open a new shop, Posme Lab Shibuya, on 26th January 2018, which will act as a communication space for Posme & Co. members, the company plans to expand its team in the near future.

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