DSM's new retinol launch takes anti-ageing to the 'next level'

By Simon Pitman

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DSM's new retinol launch takes anti-ageing to the 'next level'
Switzerland-based specialty ingredients provider DSM has launched Retinol GS50, aiming to further build on the vitamin A derivative's reputation as one of the most potent anti-ageing actives available on the market.

Although retinol has long been on the shopping list for skin care formulators, DSM claims its latest addition to its personal care portfolio will further raise its already strong standing.

"Consumer research confirms that retinol is a skin care active with one of the highest awareness among consumers in major markets,"​ said Madina Sautova, DSM global marketing manager.

"With the launch of retinol, DSM demonstrates once again its commitment to take into account people’s beauty aspirations and to provide transformational beauty care ingredients that enhance the way the skin looks and feels."

Retinol improves the skin on several different levels

In fact, retinol was discovered 80 year and has been used in skin care formulations for decades, being developed as an integral part of a host of anti-ageing treatments, as well as acne treatments.

DSM says it has targeted the development of this ingredient because it has a proven mechanism action, which has been verified in countless clinical trials to improve the complexion in a number of ways.

"The effects of retinol on skin appearance are really impressive – it visibly improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, increases skin firmness, tonicity and smoothness, and evens out dark spots and age spots," said Sautova.

Retinol simultaneously works on the dermis and epidermis

Scientific studies have shown that, working in the dermis and epidermis, retinol boosts collagen production in the skin, stimulates keratinocyte proliferation and epidermal thickness, and inhibits tyrosinase activity.

Many years ago DSM’s studies on vitamin A led the way to its greater acceptance in the cosmetic industry,” ​Sautova added.

“Now we are once again demonstrating our commitment to bringing to the market transformational beauty care ingredients that enhance the way the skin looks and feels.”

New brand identity for DSM

At the occasion of the last In Cosmetics in Paris 2013, DSM announced a new brand identity 'Revealing the Power of Beauty', aimed at better positioning itself in the cosmetics and personal care field and giving a better connection with both customers and consumers.

“This is the perfect opportunity for us take a fresh look at our position in the personal care market and find new ways to communicate with the correct language, to reach our customers and also the end consumers,”​ said DSM’s senior director of global marketing, Joerg Richter.

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