Consumers seeking make-up with skin care benefits

By Andrew McDougall

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Marketing a make-up product with skin care benefits is the way to win in a competitive market, according to new research from the NPD Group.

According to its new Makeup In-Depth Consumer Report 2012​, 86 percent of women say they use make-up products with skin care benefits and six in ten said they use make-up products with benefits that are similar to the ones contained in their skin care products.

“Women are telling NPD what benefits are most important to them and why. Understanding who the make-up user is and what she wants is an important step in making sure new and better products will have enough appeal to entice the makeup user to trial,”​ said Karen Grant, vice president and senior global industry analyst, NPD.

Bang for buck

“It can be said that make-up products with skin care benefits create a perception of ‘more bang for the buck,’ and consumers may believe they are getting more value. As such, it could be inferred that women perceive additional value from layering.”

Grant explained that the added value of these products is driving the market with moisturizing and SPF protection rating as the two most sought after benefits in all make-up products.

Whilst the NPD expert claims age does not alter the sought-after benefits above, she explains that lifestyle and product requirements can vary through generations.

According to the market analyst, older women are more likely to seek products that pack moisturizing and anti-aging benefits in, and younger women prefer products that help control oil and acne.

Different products, different needs

When it comes to the different types of make-up products, the 2012 study details the different benefits sought for each one.

When it comes to foundation, three quarters of the women surveyed were looking for a product that evens out skin tone, although SPF protection, moisturizing and oil-free was also desired.

Thickening and lengthening were noted as the most important mascara benefits, followed closely by anti-clumping, defining and being waterproof or water-resistant.

The most important benefits for a lipstick to have in 2012 is long wearing (74 percent) and moisturizing (68 percent), ranking 1st and 2nd as most important, with significantly higher mentions than any other benefit evaluated.

Lastly, glossy finish and moisturizing are the two most important benefits that women seek in a lip gloss, scoring higher than all other benefits evaluated.

“Like other categories within beauty, makeup is characterized by a constant influx of the ‘new.’ Manufacturers and marketers are focused on wooing consumers with new and better products targeting women’s needs,”​ added Grant.

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