Increased demand for carboxylic acid leads to second Oxea expansion

By Andrew McDougall

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Speciality chemicals company Oxea will build a new carboxylic acids unit in Germany due to continued strong growth and to increase its supply capacity.

The new unit, which will be built in Oberhausen late next year, will boost Oxea’s global carboxylic acids production capacity by an additional 40 per cent on top of the already announced capacity expansion projects becoming effective end of 2011.

“Oxea is the leading carboxylic acids producer. We have the largest production capacity and the broadest product portfolio in synthetic carboxylic acids worldwide,”​ said Miguel Mantas, responsible for marketing and sales within Oxea’s executive board.

Increase supply capacity

“The new unit will come in addition to our ongoing capacity increases this year. It will considerably increase Oxea’s supply capacity, improve our flexibility and enhance our ability to support the growth of our customers.”

The German firm explained that the building of a new production unit supports an important aspect of its strategy to expand in growth markets.

“We supply our acids production units with precursors that we produce ourselves. This strategy makes us more independent and improves Oxea’s supply flexibility,”​ said Dr. Martina Flöel, spokesperson for the executive board of Oxea.

Increased demand

In 2010 Oxea expanded the production capacity of its existing carboxylic acids units, and in December of the same year announced another increase by 20 per cent of its capacities scheduled to be completed towards the end of 2011.

Carboxylic acids are used in segments such as energy-efficient lubricant esters used in skin care and other cosmetic formulations, as well as specialty phthalate-free plasticizers for nail varnish and packaging materials. This announcement comes after a similar one earlier this month regarding Oxea’s speciality ester production.

The Germany-based company says it is doubling the production capacity of its speciality esters on the back of increased demand and added that it has now had planning permission confirmed for the construction of the facility.

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