Cosmetics Valley mini conference to focus on supply chain optimisation

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The first meeting of the year for French industry association Cosmetics Valley will concentrate on how to enhance supply chain efficiencies.

The recent economic downturn has brought to the fore the importance of running a cost-efficient business like never before, but at all levels of the cosmetics industry cost saving measures are increasingly difficult to pinpoint.

However, supply chain management is one area where new innovations, whether it be in the area of transportation or new technology, can be used to enhance efficiencies, bringing about substantial cost savings that enhance productivity.

The Cosmetic Valley mini conference will be held at Blois, in the Le Loir-et-Cher, South-west of Paris, at the Chateau Blois, from 6pm on 28 January, and will comprise a debate on supply chain and a presentation from UPS.

Introducing latest Cosmetic Valley members

The conference will also serve as an introduction platform for the association’s two newest members – Farcoderm and Fragrance Project International – which will include speakers from each of these companies.

Core to the conference will be the debate on supply chain, which will start at 6.15pm and last for one hour. It will be presented by Ramiro Dias of supply chain specialist Fourth Party Operational Europe (4Pole) and Emmanuel Zeruvkacki, from Le Harvre Port, one of the leading transport hubs in Northern France.

The two presentations will be backed up by two further panel members – Michel Barbais, from Cedegis, a company specialising in transportation, and Nadia Beau, from Francos-Sisley, a maker of plant-based cosmetics.

Debate on supply chain issues

The purpose of the debate will be to cover some of the key issues core to the supply chain area, and to encourage discussion aimed at throwing light on how cosmetics companies can enhance this area and the specific challenges they may face.

The evening is being co-organised with shipping company UPS, and the company will finish the conference programme with a presentation about its business and how its services can also help to enhance supply chain efficiencies.

The evening will end with a cocktail and networking forum, which will start at 8pm. For further information and to register for the event, please email the event organizer by clicking here​.

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