Alban Muller launches plant extract combinations for oil based products

By Katie Bird

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The properties of multiple plant extracts are combined in the seven actives that make up Alban Muller’s new oil based range.

The France-based company’s new Lipidamix range contains 7 active ingredients each designed to have a different action including anti-ageing, hydrating, purifying, firming and softening.

Created by macerating a number of plant extracts in sunflower seed oil, the ingredients are for use in products that have an oil phase such as emulsions, emulsified serums and oils.

According to the company, the plants have been selected and combined for their synergistic effects which can be used in both hair and skin care products.

Lipidamix Anti-âge for example contains extracts of wheat, sunflower, horsetail and myrrh, and Lipidamis Raffermissant (firming) contains fenugreek, hops, horsetail and frankincense extracts.

Ivy extract also appears in a number of the ingredients, as does algae, queen of the meadow mushroom and burdock.

Energy efficient process

The company says these ingredients are 100 per cent natural, contain no preservatives, and have been created using an energy efficient manufacturing process that fits the company’s ecological development plan.

Alban Muller specialises in the use of plant extracts in its ingredients, and recently announced its technical involvement in a sustainable ingredients sourcing project called l’Herboretum.

Based in Saint-Ay, in the middle of the Loire Valley, L’Herboretum project was established in 2004, primarily to encourage sustainable biodiversity.

The project comprises gardens that exemplify, encourage and develop techniques to ensure herbs, plants and other crops that can be grown while still respecting the environment and encouraging other forms of wildlife that are crucial to the ecosystem.

Alban Muller has carved out a name for itself as one of the leading players in the area of active ingredients formulated from plant extracts, with the aim of developing this strength in an eco responsible manner.

Its involvement with the project was seen as a natural progression in this area and has likewise enabled it to further its research work in sustainable and eco-friendly ingredients sourcing.

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