Preservative combines ease of use with consumer friendly profile, says ISP

By Katie Bird

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A new globally approved preservative has broad temperature and pH ranges helping to solve many formulation challenges, according to manufacturer ISP.

Optiphen MIT Ultra makes life easier for formulators as it can be incorporated into a wide range of products, including lotions, creams and gels, and can be used with a spectrum of raw materials, claims the company.

“Today’s formulator might have problems finding a formulation system that can be used with all of his products,”​ explained technical business manager for preservatives in Europe Andrea Wingenfeld.

“Optiphen MIT Ultra can benefit formulators as it has a very wide pH and temperature range and can be used in formulations that require high temperatures and different pHs,”​ she told CosmeticsDesign.

Furthermore, it is relatively stable and can be formulated with a wide range of raw materials, she continued, unlike other systems that can be deactivated by certain ingredients.

Optiphen MIT Ultra is stable up to 70 degrees centigrade, meaning it can be mixed into formulations while hot. This makes it perfect for cream products that are often heated to achieve a more liquid consistency for easier handling.

In addition, the company claims the pH range of 2-10 covers the alkaline end of the spectrum that many acid containing preservatives might not be able to cope with.

The preservative also has a broad spectrum and is effective against bacteria, fungi and yeast.

‘Consumer-friendly profile’

In addition to its technical specifications, ISP is also hoping to attract customers on the back of its nature-identical claim.

The preservative is a blend of methylisothiazolinone and phenylpropanol and the latter is identical to a compound found in flowers and berries.

“Optiphen MIT Ultra provides an option that is one step closer to the all-natural preservative the market is looking for,”​ said Wingenfeld.

The company also points out that the preservative is paraben free and is not a formaldehyde donor. This along with the nature-identical claim results in an all important ‘consumer-friendly profile’.

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