Incensed by Burger King fragrance, PETA launch protest perfume ‘Gore’

By Leah Armstrong

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In direct opposition to the release of Burger King fragrance, ‘Flame’, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Europe has created ‘GORE’, a fragrance which claims to capture the ‘actual aroma of rotting flesh’.

Unlike the Burger King fragrance, GORE is a ‘parody perfume’ and will not be available to purchase. Promising to bring out the ‘animal instinks’ of the wearer, the PETA perfume has been designed to ‘awaken the senses, including the conscience’ and is intended to force consumers to consider the suffering of cows slaughtered for fast-food chain burgers.

Perfume to protest

The group has not taken Burger King’s spoof advert, in which Piers Morgan has appeared as the face for the meat-smelling cologne, in good humour. Rather, PETA is angry at Burger King’s attempt to make light of a ‘life and death issue’.

The ‘Flame’ perfume is said to have been a great success in the US where it was launched last year and bought as a popular stocking filler. PETA is incensed at the idea of it becoming a hit in the UK too.

A PETA spokesperson told Cosmetics Design that GORE will only be available to view and read about on the PETA blog. In spite of this, the group claims that it is “more authentic than Flame ever could be​”, since it deals with the ‘real issues’ behind the production of fast food meat.

According to PETA, cows are often fed a diet of drugs and are transported to slaughter in all weather extremes without food or water. It states that cows are stunned improperly before their throats are cut and they bleed to death. Others, they add, are castrated, sometimes without anaesthetics.

PETA’s Poorva Joshipura said: “PETA’s GORE perfume is so intense that it might open people’s eyes to the suffering of animals- and even bring a tear to the eye of the wearer. If the picture of the dead cow on the package doesn’t jolt you into remembering what dead meat is all about, maybe the stench of guts will”.

This is not the first time that the group has been linked to the cosmetics industry. It has previously given ‘PETA cruelty free and vegan endorsement’ for cosmetics companies who abide by their strict non-cruelty principles. Beauty company Max Green Alchemy’s ‘rosa moschata oil’ has achieved this accreditation in the past.

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