Superdrug battle Boots in anti-ageing category

By Simon Pitman

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UK health and beauty retailer Superdrug is positioning itself to do
battle with leading beauty retailer Boots by launching a new
anti-ageing skin care range.

Optimum advanced firm and lift perfecting serum is being dubbed a 'super serum' by the company, thanks to its advanced formulation and the fact that it is being priced at less than £10 (€12.60).

Launched last week at its stores across the UK, the formulation includes collagen boosting pentapeptides and retinol, which are said to combine to promote a firmer complexion with a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.

Technologically advanced formulation It also contains panthenol, said to stimulate the effect vitamins have in moisturising the skin, together with vitamin E and green tea extract - which both combine to provide strong antioxidant properties.

The company says that it has conducted independent tests that show the serum has proven and visible results on the skin, which are similar to many more expensive products on the market.

The company makes no bones that it is pitting itself against the tough competition on the market, claiming that the formulation technology is 'aping' that contained in many of the current skin care offerings in this category.

Sensitive pricing

But with the UK economy currently teetering on the brink of recession, Superdrug is tapping into one key element that has resonance with consumers more than ever these days - the retail price.

Superdrug says that Optimum serum has been positioned ' to offer beauty budgeteers a credible alternative to designer products' .

Although there are many more expensive anti-ageing skin care products on the market, retail rival Boots already seems to have cornered a sizeable niche with its modestly priced No 7 Protect & Perfect serum.

That BBC documentary!

This anti-aging treatment has gone from strength to strength since it was featured as a highly effective product that offers good value for money on an Horizon BBC documentary last year.

Having recently reported strong growth for yearly sales that topped £15.3bn, the company pointed to the fact that sales of its skin care products, and in particular the Protect & Perfect range, had been one of the biggest driving forces.

However, Superdrug may have a trump card up its sleeve, as it is selling 30ml pots of the Optimum serum at £9.95, compared to the £16.75 Boots retail price for a 30ml pot of its Perfect & Perfect serum.

In an increasingly price sensitive consumer market that price difference might give Superdrug a considerable advantage.

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