New code for UK direct sales

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A new consumer code from the UK's Direct Selling Association has
been launched by the Office of Fair Trade. The ruling will impact
cosmetic and personal care businesses such as Avon who rely on
door-to-door sales as the main means of selling, reports Simon

The campaign, which is being fronted by popular UK actress, aims to give consumers confidence that they will be treated reliably and fairly when they shop with DSA members.

The aim of the new code is to clamp down on pushy door-to-door sales techniques, giving consumers a 14-day period during which they can change their mind if they do not wish to purchase the products.

The DSA​ says it receives regular complaints from consumers claiming that they have been intimidated into making purchased they did not really want. With the new code, the organisation says that consumers are given added confidence that traders will not undertake such tactics if they are approved members.

The DSA says that if problems do arise, they can now be dealt with swiftly and in line with the the code procedures.

The most prominent aspect of the new campaign and code is the new consumer trade logo, which the DSA says alerts consumers to all organistions who are involved with the requirements companies must live up to if they are members.

Currently the DSA has some 39 companies that are registered members, a number of which are cosmetics companies. This figure accounts for approximately 70 per cent of all direct sales in the UK which currently amount to £2 billion.

As one of the leading and most recognisable direct selling companies in the country, Avon's​ position in the organistion has long been high profile.

"We are founder members of the DSA and have been heavily involved in its activities for years,"​ said Avon spokesperson Vicky Smith. "In today's overcrowded retail environment the move demonstrates a clear future for the industry. The code further enhances our reps integrity and gives customers more reassurance."

Avon says it plans to prominently carry the new consumer code logo in all its catelogues to give its customers added insurance and show that it is complying with the new regulations.

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