Dinand and Girvin form creative alliance for beauty and fragrance branding

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Perfume bottle designer Pierre Dinand and branding and
communications expert Tim Girvin have formed an alliance to offer
brand design programmes for prestige beauty and fragrance
clients, writes Louise Sheridan.

Paris-based designer and sculptor Pierre Dinand and US-based brand consultant Tim Girvin will combine their creative strengths to offer a complete service to fragrance and beauty product companies, from original concept through to marketing and brand development through the Pierre Dinand + Tim Girvin: Brand Design Masterworks.

Pierre Dinand​ has designed more than 400 perfume bottles for Dior, YSL and Givenchy, amongst others. Nearly half the perfume bottles manufactured in the world are Pierre Dinand designs. Also a renowned sculptor, he designed the award for the Fragrance Foundation​ Awards.

Speaking about the collaboration, Dinand said: "This is an opportunity for me to partner, to advance the cause of form, with identity -- I will focus on the shapes of the products that we are working on. Tim and his team will be working the strategy, the identity, the package. It's going to be a great partnership."

The two designers met by coincidence in Paris, at the small shop Pierre Dinand shares with beauty and fragrance consultant Catherine Disdet. Dinand and Girvin immediately struck up a friendship, which has grown to become a powerful collaboration.

Tim Girvin was equally enthusiastic: "After working for nearly 30 years, I'm seeing this as a way to learn from a legend, a master. Yes, I've been working in this brand space, but never with someone like this. Great creativity comes from this kind of sparking."

Girvin​ is known for creating branding programmes and product packaging for mass and luxury markets and has previously worked with Estee Lauder, Nordstrom and Bloomingdales. He is also known for his design work for more than 300 films, including Braveheart and The Matrix.

Their spokesperson confirmed that they are already working on several projects relating to fragrances, but said she could not elaborate further due to client confidentiality.

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