Oral Hygiene

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 520 million children worldwide suffer with caries in primary teeth, with various oral diseases affecting a total of almost 3.5 billion people globally [Getty Images]


Colgate-Palmolive VP: Oral disease is a ‘global health crisis’ that needs attention

By Kacey Culliney

Consumers worldwide do not fully understand the importance of maintaining good oral health and how this links to systemic health and wellbeing – something Colgate-Palmolive wants to change via a major education programme, its VP and chief clinical officer...

Unilever reformulates to cater to cavity issues in Ghana

Unilever reformulates to cater to cavity issues in Ghana

By Michelle Yeomans

Unilever has reformulated its Pepsodent toothpaste to include 'three levels of protection' to combat high rates of oral decay in Ghana, following a report published by the World Health Organisation.

P&G receives complaints over Oral B TV ad

P&G narrowly misses ASA wrath on Oral B toothpaste ad

By Michelle Yeomans

Many a cosmetics player has been caught out by the Advertising Standards Authority for a misleading ad of late, however this time personal care giant P&G has managed to come away unscathed.

Corsodyl mouthwash escapes ASA wrath

Corsodyl mouthwash escapes ASA wrath

By Michelle Yeomans

GlaxoSmithKline narrowly missed the wrath of the UK Advertising Standards Agency after it was called in to investigate complaints that an ad for its Corsodyl mouthwash was irresponsible and misleading.  


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