Rousselot is the world leader in the production and marketing of gelatine and collagen peptides.

A highly digestible and bioactive ingredient with a unique amino acid composition, Peptan collagen is a key bioactive nutrient which has proven to boost skin health and beauty.

Numerous scientific studies have showed Peptan’s ability to promote fibroblast activity and collagen restructuring, resulting in improved skin suppleness, elasticity and hydration, thus preventing skin aging.

Available as a clean label, and a pure protein powder in different molecular weights and densities, Peptan is easy to integrate into products. The manufacturing process is rigorously controlled to ensure the finest organoleptic properties and neutrality in terms of color, odor and taste.

Peptan is suitable for use in a broad range of nutraceutical and nutri-cosmetic applications such as beverages, dairy products, protein bars, gummies and dietary supplements. 

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