Nutramaxx – Vegan Cosmetics

Nutramaxx – Vegan Cosmetics

The young and agile company Nutramaxx helps to envision new flavors, aromas and extracts for the food industry and offers flexible high-quality products for its clients. With its headquarter located in Hamburg the firm develops individual solutions.

Although Nutramaxx is originally settled in the food business, Michael Behr, CEO of Nutramaxx, always seeks new projects and ideas to realize. With this in mind he took notice of Geltor and its research about vegan proteins for the first time in 2015. Just a short time later he flew over to San Francisco to get an impression of Geltors’ work.

Today, five years later, Nutramaxx is the exclusive German distribution partner of Geltor and as such responsible for the distribution of the first ever certified vegan and cruelty-free proteins. Geltor has created the largest selection of designer proteins crafted with unparalleled biocompatibility and functionality. These proteins are 100% animal- and GMO-free, globally scalable, and sustainably cultivated.

At Nutramaxx a strong team of 14 creative heads with deep industry expertise works closely together for the best outcomes possible. Clients arise from industries such as food and beverages, spices, food supplements as well as cosmetics.

Focusing on global trends and changes, the company strives to stay in close cooperation with leading innovators. Building on its 15-year heritage, the company is driven by the conviction that every special request can be fulfilled. Nutramaxx exclusively and permanently operates under the highest quality standards and expectations.

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