Founded in 1987 in Barcelona (Spain), Lipotec is since July 2012 part of Lubrizol, a Berkshire Hathaway company.  The research, design and production of Lipotec are led by two main technologies always supported by in vitro​ and in vivo​ tests:

Molecular cosmetics​ – Peptides and other small synthetic molecules and biotechnological and botanical active ingredients

Delivery systems​ – Controlled release technologies for enhanced stability and bioavailability of the active ingredient


Since 2014, Lipotec and Active Organics, Lubrizol’s company leader in natural extracts and performance ingredients, merged as one team to provide a complete range of advanced active ingredients to the cosmetic industry. The fusion has added to Lipotec’s portfolio a new and valuable selection of natural extracts from the world's best sources with endless combinations. Their methods of harvesting, manufacturing, and distribution that leverage the latest technology in renewable and sustainable business practices have strengthened further Lipotec’s commitment to the environment.




Lipotec’s wide range of innovative solutions is backed up by sophisticated technologies for cosmetics and cosmetotextiles.

AIMTEC® peptides and synthetic molecules to ​reach, stimulate, inhibit or compete with specific targets, covering a wide range of functionalities in skin care.

BIOINTEC™ blue biotechnology ​for the development of sustainable innovative solutionswhile preserving the environment, since there is no harvesting or extracting from nature.

ACTIVE ORGANICS®inspired by nature ​provides an extensive variety of quality natural extracts and ingredients with a commitment to the environment in mind.

μFILMTEC®molecular films directed at ​minimizing TEWL while enhancing the release of the  active ingredients into the skin.

VECTORTEC® delivery systems​ for a controlled release of the active ingredients, enhancing their stability and bioavailability.

QUIOTEC® cosmetotextiles ​containing Lipotec’s key active ingredients suitable for all types of textile fabrics.




BRIGHLETTE®marine ingredient ​evens out the skin tone for a fair and radiant complexion. This new biotechnological active ingredient reduces both the production and the deposition of melanin in the skin by targeting key steps of pigmentation process. This integral approach showed a decrease of melanin content in dark spots by 61.1% (8 weeks, 2%).


Obtained through biotechnology, EYEDELINE®marine ingredient​ offers complete care of eye contour by combating the three signs of tiredness and aging typical of this delicate skin area: dark circles, eyebags and wrinkles.After 14 days of treatment the reduction of eyebags volume was notable, reaching value of -8.2% at the end of the treatment (28 days, 4%).



Lipotec benefits from a strong international presence through subsidiaries and distributors which allows us to be close to our customers worldwide.


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