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Covestro is among the world’s largest polymer companies. Guided by the vision to “ make the world a brighter place”, Covestro not only develops products and solutions that push the boundaries of what is possible, but the vision is also deeply embedded in our understanding of sustainability, so that they benefit society and reduce the impact on our ecological systems.

Covestro offers sustainable solutions for the cosmetic industry with biodegradable polymers Baycusan®​ classic line of biodegradable polymers and Baycusan®​ eco line of naturally-derived polymers.

Baycusan®​ polyurethane-based ingredients are the ideal film formers for groundbreaking color cosmetics, sun-, skin- and hair care formulations. Thanks to their elasticity, durability, thermal stability and breathability, Baycusan®​ ingredients can support claims such as:

  • Hair care: strong & flexible hold, heat protection, frizz control, no tackiness & natural feel
  • Sun care: (salt)water-, sweat-, sand-resistance, SPF boosting
  • Skin care: anti-pollution, gentle peel-off effect, comfortable wear,
  • Color cosmetics: water-, sweat-, rub-off resistance, non-transfer, even color coverage.

Polyurethanes meet many challenges of formulating high-performing and sustainable cosmetics products due to their versatility, sensory properties and good environmental profile.

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Responsible beauty with polyurethane film formers

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Responsible beauty with polyurethane film formers

Growing awareness on the environmental impact of cosmetic products. Today’s consumers not only expect their cosmetic products to achieve good results and contribute to their well-being.

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