Clariant Active Ingredient

Clariant Active Ingredient

Clariant Active Ingredients is the business unit created by Clariant in 2017, dedicated to the development of natural active ingredients for the cosmetics industry. Based in Toulouse, France, the facilities host state-of-the art equipment to allow our R&D teams develop and substantiate new active ingredients for skin and hair care, to bring the best responses to consumers’ needs, while covering the main trends of the cosmetic industry: anti-aging, environment pollution protection, hydration, lightening.

Inspired by nature

All these active ingredients come from natural origins. Together with our partners based in South Korea and France, we can source active ingredients from plants and algae that grow in specific environments and thus produce original molecules that can be used for cosmetic purpose.

Advanced with science

Clariant Active Ingredients is turned towards R&D, in order to bring to the market innovative products, supported by strong clinical and in-vitro studies. Many of these products have already been recognized as strongly innovative by the cosmetic industry that awarded them several prizes since 2017.

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Ethience Protect: the sustainably sourced triple-level skin protector

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Ethience Protect: the sustainably sourced triple-level skin protector

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