Codif Technologie Naturelle

Codif Technologie Naturelle​ manufactures and distributes natural and technological active ingredients for the cosmetic, and make-up industries. As a family business with an international focus, Codif Technologie Naturelle operates a distribution network covering five continents and nearly thirty countries. Our head office is located in Saint Malo (Brittany-France).


Our products, several times rewarded, are developed following three major requirements: 

TECHNICAL INNOVATION:​ Codif Technologie Naturelle is a company with a vision, backed up by our recent investment and developments in blue biotechnology which has produced a range of innovative active ingredients.

NATURALNESS:​ all our actives are produced from natural raw materials and processed using sustainable methods which respect both the resource and the environment. As early adopters of Ecocert certification for our range, we now offer about thirty COSMOS certified references.

ENVIRONMENTAL AND SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY:​ our product sourcing and development staff are tasked with selecting raw materials that are not collected from the wild, or failing that, with developing new cultivation and production methods. We have been the first one to master the cultivation in bioreactor of a red calcified alga.This approach also supports development of local partnerships and the economic development of our region.

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