Beraca - Be truly natural, Be sustainable

Beraca - Be truly natural, Be sustainable

Beraca is an authentic Brazilian company with international approach that has been investing in the development of sustainable technologies for more than 50 years. Present in over 40 countries, Beraca adds value to a wide number of brands and products worldwide.

Through its Health & Personal Care division, the company is a leading provider in sourcing certified organic and natural ingredients from the Amazon rainforest and other Brazilian biomes and supplying them for the cosmetic, pharmacological, and fragrance industry.

Its portfolio includes fixed oils, resins, clays, butters, extracts and scrubs, among other ingredients for different applications.


Product Range (as product groups):

- Rain Forest Specialties​ – Composed by vegetable oils, clays and butters mainly sourced from the Amazon rainforest. Ingredients created from Brazilian fruits with special properties and Ecocert/USDA Organic certification.

- Active Performance Systems​ – 100% natural formulations with blended active ingredients for specific applications. Beraca uses scientific methodologies to prove the efficacy of all those ingredients.

- BioScrubs​ – Vegetal organic exfoliating agents developed to provide a stimulating scrub action to personal care products.

- BioFunctional Extracts​ - Natural Extracts from Brazilian Biodiversity with Standardized Active Concentration

- Beraclays​ – Beraca's line of naturally colored clays, composed of numerous natural color tones, containing no artificial dyes or pigments.