Baralan: Embracing Beauty since 1962

Baralan: Embracing Beauty since 1962

Since 1962 Baralan creates, designs, engineers, manufactures and customizes glass and plastic containers, with related accessories to present to the market a wide range of high quality products largely available in stock and in various locations that meet the increasingly personalized requests of the cosmetic industry, with the aim of being recognized as a point of reference in Primary Packaging for cosmetics. Excellence, Passion, Integrity and Creativity are the core values of the Group which offers standard and custom-made packaging, paying attention to the demands of the market that increasingly looks towards innovation and also to eco-friendly solutions.

Baralan’s quality lies in sophistication and versatility to offer a wide range of products that can also be personalized with many textures and finishes. Baralan actively collaborates with companies within the Group to make each product unique, customized in every detail and with different colors through a variety of decorations and graphic techniques available. Baralan thus positions itself in the market as a historic Italian company with an open, flexible and dynamic vision, and with an international presence and a widespread distribution of its products in more than 50 countries.

Baralan brings Made in Italy to the world, understood as a symbol of beauty, design and impeccable taste combined with an excellent level of quality and service, since always appreciated worldwide and recognized in the packaging developed.

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