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schülke’s choice for textured hair care

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schülke’s choice for textured hair care

When it comes to textured hair care, conditioning and styling products are of particular importance. As those products often have a pH value of 4.0-5.5, especially schülkes’ high quality preservative blends based on organic acids such as euxyl®​ K 703 or euxyl®​ K 720 are excellently suitable for the protection against microorganisms. schülkes’ aromatic alcohol blends e.g. euxyl®​ PE 9010 or euxyl®​ K 940 and multifunctionals are well-proven and fit perfectly within this application field.

As the expert, schülke helps you to preserve and protect your hair care products.


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-       euxyl®​ K 703

-       euxyl®​ K 720

-       euxyl®​ PE 9010

-       euxyl®​ K 940

-       sensiva®​  PA 40