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"schülke Hygiene Concept” using euxyl® K 830

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"schülke Hygiene Concept” using euxyl® K 830

What is the common approach to keep cosmetic products free from microbial growth? – The preservation system is added at the very end. schülke’s innovative Hygiene - Concept introduces the entire dose of preservative at the very beginning of the manufacturing process!

While OCX increases the activity of Phenoxyethanol in euxyl®​ K 830, it can kill bacteria, yeasts and moulds in contaminated process water or raw materials in the water phase at the beginning of the process.

This enhances safety by reducing the risk of contamination across the entire production process. In future, it will be important to consider production hygiene as an integral part of the preservative concept, to adapt processes accordingly and thus to optimize the use concentration of the preservatives.