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euxyl® K 903 – schülke´s new eco-friendly preservative blend

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euxyl® K 903 – schülke´s new eco-friendly preservative blend

It is schülke’s mission to support customers in finding the most suitable preservative for each application. With euxyl®​ K 903, schülke introduces the newest preservative system meeting the requirements of “natural cosmetic” producers. euxyl®​ K 903 is based on benzyl alcohol, benzoic acid  and dehydroacetic acid, meeting the eco criteria of many customers and certification bodies.

The combination of benzyl alcohol with organic acids in euxyl®​ K 903 is an extremely effective preservative, yet gentle enough for eye-area products where the reduction of sting potential is important. euxyl®​ K 903 is also an excellent choice for use in baby wipes and other products, where mildness to the skin is required.

euxyl®​ K 903 joins euxyl®​  K 712 in schülke’s range of eco-friendly cosmetic preservatives.

Let euxyl®​ K 903 preserve your product.

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