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Pycnogenol® is Effective for Irregular Skin Hyperpigmentation

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Pycnogenol® is Effective for Irregular Skin Hyperpigmentation

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Hyperpigmentation describes increased melanin production and can occur because of sun damage or - post-inflammation - after an injury or an inflammatory condition such as acne (1, 2).

During prolonged exposure to UV-light, a common cause of skin hyperpigmentation, reactive oxygen radicals are generated, and pro-inflammatory processes are triggered. In addition, UV radiation from the sun may cause sunburn as well as premature aging. Skin is the body’s largest organ and protects us from environmental impacts, such as solar radiation, humidity, changes in temperature or air pollution. Therefore, skin care extends well beyond beauty as it plays a key role in our overall health. Both topical and oral skin care can help improve skin health and appearance. Oral skin care offers additional benefits as it reaches the dermis (inner layer of the skin) of the entire body.

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