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NEUROVITY ® prevents neuro-aging and reduces dark spots

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NEUROVITY ® prevents neuro-aging and reduces dark spots

NEUROVITY ®, developed by Laboratoires Expanscience is a breakthrough in the cosmetic world, preventing neuro-aging​ and reduceing dark spots

btained from a revolutionary process – aeroponics​ – NEUROVITY is showing 2 majors innovations: process and test model to assess neuro-aging prevention. For the first time, a cosmetic active ingredient has been tested on a HUMAN neuron model​.

NEUROVITY targets skin aging in restoring an optimal communication between our skin and our cutaneous nervous system​. Skin innervation density is restored, cell longevity and natural systems of DNA repair are stimulated.

In acting on cell longevity proteins, NEUROVITY also rebalances the melanogenesis dysfunction, creating dark spots appearing with aging or UV exposure.

A revolutionary anti-aging ingredient lightening the skin and attenuating dark spots in reducing contrast between spots and skin.

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