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Great bougainvillea active cells for a slimming and firming effect

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Great bougainvillea active cells for a slimming and firming effect

Because body is now as important as face in our « selfie society », Naolys, the specialist in plant cell culture for the cosmetic industry, present their product dedicated to the bodycare to firm skin and give a slimming effect in a month.

Splint&Slim Great bougainvillea​ are Great Bougainvillea active plant cells made with a specific biotechnology mixing plant cell dedifferenciation and a plant cell culture controlling the synthesis of active molecules inside cells.

The Great bougainvillea is a tropical climbing plant born in South America, often used as an ornamental plant but that offers a lot of benefits.

Naolys developed active plant cells from that species to create Splint&Slim Great bougainvillea​, that induces a slimming effect to the body proven by a clinical study after 28 days of treatment versus placebo. The result shows an average decrease of the thigh measurement of more than 1cm.

A result confirmed by the in vitro​ studies, that demonstrate:

- ​ a lipolitic effect at the level of the hypodermis, translated by an increase of glycerol of 15%, and a competition towards two receptors of the adipocytes (neuropeptide Y and alpha 2 adrenergic) of 16% (average rate). And, combined with caffeine, the Great Bougainvillea cells clearly potentiate the lipolitic effect of caffeine by increasing the release of the glycerol compared to the caffeine only.

- a firming effect at the level of the dermis, translated by an increase of the rates of different components in the extra cellular matrix such as proteoglycans, collagens, elastin and glucosaminoglycans of 19% (average rate).

All tests were performed with a concentration of 0.1% of 100% cells (powder form).

Splint&Slim Great bougainvillea​ is not allergenic, preservative free, and can be used in any type of bodycare products (gels, cream, oils, etc.).

COSMOS or NATRUE agreement on request for all liquid forms.

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