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Unveiling the ultimate approach against stress

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Unveiling the ultimate approach against stress

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Who can say they are not stressed in some way? It is difficult to find someone who can say that they are      not stressed, since almost everyone deals with stress in their day-to-day lives even if they are not aware.  

Stress is a common element of our lifestyle that affects us both mentally and physically and accelerates our biological aging by shortening the telomere length. Telomeres protect the ends of the chromosomes from degradation, but their length shortens with each cell division leading to cell senescence and thus cell aging. Hence, people who have been exposed to some kind of stress over a long period of time appear to look older (biological age) than their chronological age.

It is common knowledge that stress can have an impact on the skin, increasing its reactivity to changes in temperature, redness, dryness, sagginess, wrinkles and loss of firmness and elasticity.

When we think about stress, we have in our mind someone who is very active or someone with a lot of worries. However, stress is all around us and hardly anybody is unaffected by it in one way or another. Looking in depth, we could distinguish three types of stress:

  • Envirostress is the stress caused by a constant exposure to changes in temperature of the environment (e.g. seasons, heat waves) or because of modern life (e.g. air conditioners, hair dryers). It leads to inflammaging and oxidative stress.
  • Phystress is the physical fatigue that our body must overcome while struggling with daily activities. It results in cellular exhaustion and oxidative stress.
  • Emostress is the emotional stress that silently accumulates within us from daily situations that bring up frustration and anxiety. It increases the release of cortisol and substance P in the skin but also enhances oxidative stress.

In this context of combating the stress of today's life, Lipotrue has developed Telessence, a novel concept in the cosmetic industry. For the first time, we are launching three products from three different technologies, which deal with three types of stress that would otherwise lead to accelerated biological aging by shortening telomere length.

These stresses can detriment our skin’s appearance and accelerate the normal aging pace. So how can we hit the brakes or rewind?

First of all, all we need in life is balance. Telessence Telmeric      is a structural and functional biomimetic of the turmeric spice (Curcuma longa​) and is able to decrease sustained inflammation caused by Envirostress. It modulates inflammaging and oxidative stress, so that it strengthens the skin’s resilience to temperature changes, soothes redness and reduces pore size, desquamation and roughness in people with reactive skin.

Telessence Telmeric relieves the Envirostress damage response activated by the TLR2 signaling pathway, soothing the NF-kB response and thus alleviating inflammation, which is also reduced by the action of miRNAs. In addition, it activates the NRF2 antioxidant response to stop the inflammatory loop that could lead to more cell damage and telomere shortening (acceleration of biological aging).

On the other hand, our bodies face incredible situations on a daily basis as they struggle to overcome fatigue (Phystress). Telessence Mitelion is an ingredient obtained from bilberry fruit and rosemary leaves, that decreases skin fatigue and improves elasticity, isotropy and luminosity in tired skin.

Last but not least, we find Telessence Breeztel, which is an active ingredient produced by fermentation of a microorganism collected from the sea breeze near the island of Tonga (Fiji). This ferment contains carbohydrates, lipids, phytochemicals (flavonoids) and peptides, among others, that have regenerating, antioxidant and skin structural boosting properties. It boosts hydration, elasticity and firmness in people suffering from emotional stress, which are diminished in these situations. It also relaxes wrinkles and reverses visible biological aging enough to meet chronological one and even increase the rejuvenating effect.

We have three different active ingredients that tackle three different types of stress protecting the skin from the damage they can inflict while keeping the length of the telomeres. All of us are exposed to a combination of the three stresses at different ratios and levels. Thus, our skin suffers from the accumulation of the damage from each of them in some grade.

Stressed skin is itchy, more reactive, dry, has more wrinkles and is less elastic and firm. This makes us uncomfortable. So, what do we need to do to feel at ease in our own skin? Would a combination of the three ingredients of Telessence be the solution to address the three stresses once and for all?

Under the Telessence concept a combination of the three active ingredients were tested in a well-being study. A neuroscience expert analyzed the data collected from a questionnaire created with a software sensitive enough to estimate the well-being of tired volunteers. The Telessence concept improved the total well-being of the volunteers, enhancing their energy and positivity while decreasing negativity. On the other hand, their ability to relax was evaluated with an electroencephalogram, showing an increase in the alpha/beta waves ratio indicating a deeper relaxation state.

In the end, what is well-being? It is comfort. It is the feeling of cosiness within ourselves. It is experiencing the knowledge of having our skin protected from Envirostress, recharged to beat Phystress and relaxed from Emostress.

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