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Searching the sea for products that meet the needs of today’s consumer
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Searching the sea for products that meet the needs of today’s consumers

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Today’s consumers are striving towards a holistic attitude in order to optimize their physical and mental well-being. On the one hand, more and more consumers are convinced that they can actually make a difference in the world through their decisions. On the other, the desire for natural ingredients produced in an eco-friendly way is gaining importance. How can these self-confident and engaged consumers be best served with highly functional and natural ingredients? 

Merck KGaA Darmstadt, Germany has teamed up with scientists from Agrimer to explore the Breton coast and discover the beauty secrets of the ocean. This joint effort resulted in the discovery of the naturally- occurring and newly- characterized Polysiphonia elongata ​red algae. Out of its nourishing cytoplasm has been created RonaCare RenouMer.

Sustainability – preserve the algae biodiversity

The development of RonaCare RenouMer out of Polysiphonia elongata ​red algae’s extract is the result of a sustainable management of natural resources. By taking part in a research program, commitment is given to culturing new algae species. This secures the natural biodiversity of algae on the Breton coast and thus has an important impact on sustainability.

Collagen – our powerful spring of youth

Collagen is known to be our powerful spring of youth. With aging, the collagen renewal processes gradually become weaker, the dermis gets thinner and stores less water,and the skin loses its smoothness. With RonaCare RenouMer, we have found a solution for counteracting these developments. Our in vitro​ study has shown an increase incollagen of up to 35% compared to baseline.

RonaCare RenouMer – the power of the ocean

In vivo​ studies havesuggested the efficacy of RonaCare RenouMer with regard to several factors that promote skin aging. We have tested a formulation containing 2% RonaCare RenouMer and 2% Wakame as a benchmark against placebo in 42 volunteers aged between 45 and 65 years. The superior smoothing effect compared to Wakame and the significant anti-wrinkle effect indicate the efficacy of RonaCare RenouMer. The significant skin re-densifying effects, improvement of skin hydration and enhancement of skin elasticity provide support for the long-term efficacy of RonaCare RenouMer. Evaluation of the clinical wrinkle score by a dermatologist also shows a superior clinical anti-wrinkle effect compared to placebo and Wakame benchmark.