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Massive-data driven analysis expands cosmetics solutions

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Massive-data driven analysis expands cosmetics solutions

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Big Data explosion respond to customisation demands

The term Big Data refers to the large volume of data that are currently handled in all areas, including beauty and personal care. Indeed, the amount of information available to us nowadays has increased ninefold in the last decade and its ultimate explosion is expected to happen sometime around 2035. Big Data are already with us and is having a global impact, so it is time to live with the benefits they offer in every area. This explosion in the volume of available data comes at the most fortunate time, precisely when there is more demand than ever for personalised, customised cosmetics. Consumers want us to take their idiosyncrasies and individuality into account. They ask us to offer them tailor-made solutions and, in this regard, analysing all the available information we have about their skin, life habits or external conditions enables us to meet their most specific needs, adding a great deal of value for the client and laying the foundations for a close and lasting bond with them. By encompassing a large volume of information, Big Data make it possible for the available information to be more accurate and, therefore, to offer ideal cosmetic solutions that are of great value to the client. What is more, this can be done at great speed, reacting as rapidly as consumer demand dictates.

Welcome to the era of Pro-Data Smart Beauty

Cosmetic solutions that take individuality into account are in growing demand from consumers, but also because of the times we live in, there has been a boom in self-care that is expected to become consolidated in the long term. Personal care and beauty brands need to know how to respond and meet the demand for customisation in order to ensure a strong future for their projects. Analysing the large volume of available data makes it possible to give customers what they need, when they need it. And this is where Big Data come in; their application to the cosmetic world has given rise to the new concept of Pro-Data Smart Beauty. This means making the most of the possibility of analysing a large volume of information (Big Data) to offer “smart” cosmetic solutions (Smart Beauty) that are in line with consumers who ask us to put them at the centre of our projects.

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Smart proadipogenic efficacy supported by Big Data and patent pending

Thanks to transcriptomics, Provital goes from analysing a few genes to all of them, more than 12,000, making possible identifying new cosmetic applications and expanding our concept of efficacy from single to multiple. Sculpup is Provital’s response to today’s consumers, who are seeking inclusive and non-invasive body cosmetic solutions, aesthetic surgery-inspired and committed to care. An authentic beauty enhancer came from a patent pending smart proadipogenic active ingredient, that broadens the possibilities of body volumizers with new efficacies supported by massive data analysis.

Provitalks and Big-Data

You can listen to more information about Big-Data applied to in vitro efficacy tests with Dr. Miguel Aso in the podcast “Unravelling the most intrinsic part of active cosmetics development: state-of-the-art in vitro techniques, analysis & interpretation of results”. Listen to it in Provitalks​ (link:​)

Visit the Sculpup website here​ for more information (link:​)

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