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By launching Agefinity and Sensityl, Givaudan Active Beauty embraces biggest beauty trends

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Stress, pollution, emotions and even new technologies are making our skin suffer, causing ageing marks and sensitivity. And whatever the source of skin problems, people are looking for solutions directly in the beauty industry, the easiest and most efficient way to get results. The newest actives of Givaudan Active Beauty are responding to these skin problems.

Agefinity, to redefine skin ageing

If T-Zone is well known by everyone, the Y-Zone is also coming to be famous thanks to those millions of smartphone users who will relate to this as it touches the face and neck area. The digital world is a never ending story and ageing marks are also part of it. By using new technology tools, blue light is not the only issue to solve, new wrinkles are also making their appearance in key areas of our physique.

To get rid of those new ageing marks, Givaudan Active Beauty launches Agefinity, a natural biomimetic cosmetic active enhancing the Y-Zone. By using a plant sugar and biotechnology processes it energises and reshapes skin cells.

Treating the Y-Zone and text neck wrinkles was a challenge highlighted by Active Beauty researchers. Made of a mannose-6-Phosphate complex using a vegetal source and green chemistry, Agefinity replenishes the energy of the cells. Clinical tests made on volunteers shows it can reduce visible age spots (up to 2.1 times more efficient than placebo) on neck (-32.5%) and crow’s feet (-11.5%) wrinkles. Multi-functional, Agefinity also proves its efficacy by remodelling the Y-shape of the face and reorganizing the skin matrix similar to younger skin. This powerful and efficient active was rewarded by 74% of the panel, who found the skin on their neck firmer (versus 45% placebo) and 84% felt convinced by the effect of the product at the end of the trial (versus 60% for placebo).

To inspire the beauty industry and to bring a solution for consumers who seek to win the battle of using their smartphones every day and taking care of their beauty at the same time, Givaudan Active Beauty formulation experts crafted S3D Mystic, an anti-ageing serum.

Sensityl, to reach the good mood

Joy, fear, embarrassment, every emotion is giving a lot of work for the skin to deal with. But stress and pollution are actually the biggest factors of skin disease; making it dull, creating imperfections and increasing sensitivity. Developed in our Marine Biotechnology Centre of Excellence in Brittany, France, Sensityl is the answer to a market and consumer demand for sensitive skin care.

Sensityl offers soothing and calming actions to the skin by rebalancing sensitive skin microbiota and taking control over the whole inflammation process. Clinical tests show that Sensityl acts on the skin microbiota to protect and improve its composition and to rebalance the skin from sensitive skin to normal skin conditions. Results have been seen in 7 days, showing a significant reduction of skin irritation (-18% versus placebo) on 100% of the panel.

We are only at the beginning of discoveries on these links between skin and brain; Givaudan aims to be a major player in this game. Thanks to Sensityl, that combines nature and scientific expertise, Active Beauty is offering to consumers a double benefit of beauty and well-being. The researchers, using new neuroscience protocols, revealed that volunteers using Sensityl had a significantly higher number of positive emotions and significantly lower number of negative emotions than the placebo. Sensityl becomes the first ingredient of its kind to positively influence consumer mood in just a month.

To give a real vision of what the active can do, and what we can do with Sensityl, Givaudan Active Beauty designed S3D Moodbooster, a day cream powered by cranberry and Kendi oils that reduces redness and soothes the skin. Plus, the cream is put in recycled packaging, made of raw material such as cotton and glass. Being green is also a beauty trend after all!

Two actives, three awards

Having the recognition of the beauty industry is always a good thing. Givaudan Active Beauty team was proud to receive two awards for Sensityl during in-cosmetics global in Paris for “Best Skin Care Ingredient” at the Beauty Industry Awards and for the 2nd prize in the category “Most Innovative Raw Material Natural Products” at the BSB Award. Agefinity also had its moment of glory during the same event by winning the first prize at BSB Innovation award in the category of “Cosmetics/Ingredients/Actives/Anti-ageing”.

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